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Dunga: “Whether Ronaldinho Gaúcho Goes To The World Cup Or Not Depends On Him”

By Dialogo
November 10, 2009

ronaldinho has been the best player ever,the question of whether he is out of form or not, does not matter.what matters is that he still can play & has the ability,that is:(if you watch serie A games)so,coach Dunga please let the soccer wizard play.I"ve watched most of his games & so i can foresee the wonders he will do in the 2010 world cup. Please mr dunga we love brazill. It will be very unfortunate and uncalled for if Ronadinho will not be part of the team for reasons that are best know to a few. The young man is still good. Let us not discourage players. Whe you are going for war am sure you equip youself with different weapons. So ronadinho is one of the weapons for the 2010 dunga please let the guy play because he is still good juss witness him at AC MILAN and he is better than RAMIRES dunga please take ronaldinho........he s getting hid touch and i am sure he s going to be the of worldcup...... please make ronaldinho play world cup 2010.........please i m begging u....plz plz plz plz plz please mr dunga, try not to make the fans of ronaldinho sad, we fans would love to see him in 2010 world cup, i have been one of his fans since for a long time and i havent missed even a sigle match of his, i really enjoy watching his play and i think he still deserve world player, he is still a weapon for 2010's world cup. Whether or not Ronaldinho Gaúcho will be included on the Brazilian team that will play for the World Cup in 2010 “depends only on him,” coach Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri “Dunga” affirmed in an interviewed published by the magazine Istoé. Ronaldinho “is a distinguished player,” but whether or not he is tapped again for the team and even for the South African World Cup “will depend on him” and on his results playing for Milan in Italy, the Brazilian coach explained. According to Dunga, the former forward for Barcelona “is a very distinguished player,” but this is not enough to be on his team. “I want to have the best, but selection for our team is no longer an exclusively technical question. It’s also a question of competitiveness and commitment,” noted the coach, who nevertheless acknowledged that he “thinks about” Ronaldinho when he imagines the team for the World Cup. Dunga’s words can be interpreted as a reply to the twenty-nine-year-old player, who said this week that he wants to play in the South African World Cup, which could be the last one of his career. “I want to go to the World Cup. I have a great relationship with Dunga. But it’s better not to think about it because it’s a waste of energy. I’m only going to concentrate on the present,” Ronaldinho explained. With regard to his own future, Dunga told Istoé that it is not something that worries him at the moment, since he is thinking only about the World Cup. “Being the team’s coach makes me very happy; it fills me with pride and satisfaction,” declared the coach, who nevertheless said that once the South African World Cup is over, he intends “to leave and give someone else the opportunity.” With regard to the possibility of his team winning its sixth World Cup title, he did not hide the fact that “Brazil is always a favorite,” but he noted that in order to win, “it’s necessary to work and to work a lot.”