Drug Trafficking Leader Captured by Honduran Authorities

By Dialogo
August 14, 2013

One of Honduras’s main drug traffickers and smugglers, identified as Evelio Fúnez, was captured in a neighborhood within Tegucigalpa, on August 12, Honduran authorities reported.

“An arrest warrant for drug smuggling, money laundering, and weapons storage was issued against Evelio Fúnez on August 1, 2012. He was captured in a neighborhood, east of the capital,” said Major Santos Nolasco, spokesman for Operación Libertad, a deployment of military and police forces that started in February to combat crime.

Nolasco added that Fúnez was considered “one of the main drug traffickers and smugglers in the capital,” and explained that he was detained during a joint operation between the police, Armed Forces and the prosecution.

“Two firearms and a vehicle, which will be investigated,” were confiscated from the detainee, according to Nolasco, who added that Fúnez was not on U.S. list of alleged drug leaders wanted for extradition.