Drug Traffickers Murder Over Internet Use

By Dialogo
September 29, 2011

Social networks have begun to be dangerous, to the point that making a
comment on Facebook or Twitter in Mexico involving denunciations of the activities
of drug traffickers has now put internet users at risk of their lives.

Journalist María Elizabeth Macías, chief editor of the daily Primera
Hora, in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, was beheaded after having
denounced crimes committed by drug traffickers using social networks.

“The grim landmark of 80 journalists killed in the past decade has just been
reached, with the murders getting steadily more horrific as the years pass. There
seems to be no way out of this horror. The country is immersed in an all-out war and
just writing the word ‘narcos’ or ‘trafficking’ can cost you your life. What will be
left of freedom of information while the barbarity continues?,” Reporters Without
Borders (RWB) declared in a statement.

Macías, the fourth journalist murdered in 2011, used social networks to
denounce drug traffickers’ actions in the region.

“It has become virtually impossible to work as a journalist, but the federal
authorities continue to delay implementation of an agreement for protecting
journalists that was signed a year ago,” RWB added.