Drug Lord “Pichi” Captured in Panama

By Dialogo
February 12, 2013

Panamanian Police arrested Colombian national Edinson Rodolfo Rojas, aka “Pichi,” leader of the so-called “La Oficina del Envigado” criminal organization in Panama on February 10. Rojas was believed to be involved in the murder of 11 people last year, two of whom were counter drug police officers, the Panamanian Police reported.

Rojas, age 39, was arrested after the monitoring and surveillance Operation Delta 13 was carried out by the National Police Information Directorate, which allowed his capture in the town of Brisas del Golfo, located in the highly populated San Miguelito district in the outskirts of the Panamanian capital.

“Congratulations to the Police for the capture of alias Pichi in Panama, the successor to Sebastian in Oficina de Envigado,” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos posted on Twitter after the news was made public.

“I thank President Ricardo Martinelli and the Panamanian authorities for their help,” Santos added.

In order to detain the alleged successor of “Sebastian” and “Valenciano,” the Colombian Counter Drug Office also participated in the operation.

The capture was made possible through intelligence information managed by both countries, according to the Panamanian Police.

“Pichi” is also considered the head of Oficina del Envigado, a criminal gang linked to drug trafficking which operates in the Antioquia district, and he is behind much of the violence in Medellín, Panamanian Police added.

Rojas was also involved in a massacre in Envigado, a Colombian rural population in Antioquia where nine people were murdered on December 31, 2012, during an alleged dispute between drug trafficking gang members, the Colombian Police posted on Twitter after his capture was made public.

Rojas is also allegedly linked to the killing of two police officers in Medellín in July 2012, for which he is suspected of being the mastermind, according to the Colombian Police.

Rojas will be expelled from Panama to Colombia, since there is no extradition agreement between both countries.

Colombia’s Police had offered $11,000 reward for information leading to the perpetrators of the Envigado massacre.