Drug Boss Extradited from Honduras Arrives in Colombia

By Dialogo
July 20, 2012

An alleged leader of the criminal gang ‘Los Urabeños,’ in the service of drug traffickers, Alexander Montoya, alias ‘El Flaco’ [‘The Thin One’], arrived in Bogotá on July 18 after being deported from Honduras, where he had been arrested, according to a police announcement.

Montoya, the criminal organization’s second-in-command, “was arrested in the city of La Ceiba” as the result of an investigation led by the Colombian police, with support from Interpol, the Honduran police, and the Andean country’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, the announcement added.

According to the police, alias ‘El Flaco’ is believed to have left Colombia on a plane that was stolen at Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport on March 18, after he took control of the organization together with his cousin Dairo Usuga, alias ‘Otoniel.’

Montoya occupied the second-ranking slot in the gang’s leadership following the death in January of his relative Juan de Dios Usuga, alias Giovanny,” the announcement said.

Montoya, for whom the Colombian Government was offering a reward of up to 1.2 billion pesos (around 680,000 dollars), was a member of the demobilized United Self-Defense Units of Colombia (AUC, extreme right-wing paramilitaries) until 2004, when he took advantage of peace negotiations with the administration of then-president Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010).

Nevertheless, “he continued engaging in criminal activity and joined the criminal gang in Urabá (in northwestern Colombia) led by Daniel Rendón, alias ‘Don Mario,’ who was arrested on April 15, 2009,” resulting in the control of the organization by the Usuga clan, the police said.

The individual extradited handled the cocaine-trafficking routes in the Urabá region, in the departments of Antioquia and Chocó, and is the subject of five outstanding arrest warrants, for homicide, illegally carrying arms, and criminal conspiracy, the police added.

In addition, he has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the August 2002 murder in Miranda, in the department of Cauca, of the nurse Amparo Figueroa, who was under witness protection.