Dominican Republic and Honduras Unite against Drug Trafficking

By Dialogo
September 24, 2012

A Dominican team of experts arrived in Tegucigalpa on September 20 to create a common front against drug trafficking with their Honduran counterparts, informed the Public Ministry.

The agency said in a statement that delegates from Santo Domingo arrived in Honduras “to exchange ideas and improve cooperation strategies and confront drug trafficking as one unified front”.

The Caribbean representation consists of four police officers and Major General Rolando Rosado, head of the National Drug Control Directorate.

The group met with Isaac Santos, chief of the Honduran Anti-Drug Trafficking Directorate, and with Rigoberto Espinal, advisor to the independent Public Prosecutor’s office.

The team will also meet with Minister of Defense Marlon Pascua, as well as leaders from the Armed Forces and Police, according to the statement.

It is true that people believe everything. There is no such thing as an expert. They have not been able to control the neighborhoods of our cities and on the contrary they are linked to the Dominican police, its corruption related to drug trafficking where generals, colonels, captains etc are the major drug traffickers. In this country, there is no confiscation of large amounts of cocaine that is not linked to a member of the police or the Dominican army. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU ARE TOLD.