Dominican Police Find Wreckage of Small Drug Plane

By Dialogo
February 01, 2012

Human remains and plastic objects commonly used to wrap shipments of cocaine were found by Dominican authorities at the site of a plane crash, according to the country’s National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD).

The small plane, apparently carrying cocaine, crashed in the rugged terrain of the rural community of Barahona, in the southwestern part of the Caribbean island, and its occupants died when the plane caught fire.

Roberto Lebrón, a spokesperson for the anti-drug agency, stated that the same small plane had been chased in early March 2010. On that occasion, he said, six individuals who were preparing to receive a drug shipment at a clandestine airstrip were arrested. The men were subsequently released by a Barahona court on grounds of insufficient evidence.

“We’re sending wrappings and objects to INACIF [the National Forensic Sciences Institute] for the required tests, the same as parts of the human remains to Forensic Pathology,” the spokesperson explained.