Diversity of Brazilian Music Heard At Opening Ceremony

Diversity of Brazilian Music Heard At Opening Ceremony

By Dialogo
July 17, 2011

The soundtrack of the Opening Ceremony of the 5th Military World Games did
justice to the diversity of rhythms of Brazilian music. The message of peace and
brotherhood inspired both accurate presentations of the military marching bands and
Brazilian samba dancers in the performances at Joao Havelange Stadium (Engenhão) on
Saturday, July 16.

“The soldier of peace can not be defeated, though war seems
lost,” recalled the success of the Beatles with the song “Soldier of
Peace” as the mascot of the Games, Arion, and his friends from the Peace
Corps, which represent Armed Forces, rappeled down the roof of the stadium.

The Army Symphony Orchestra played continuously for about an hour during the
parade of athletes from 111 delegations, captivating the excitement of the audience.

The quality of Army musicians ensured the perfect synchronization of sound,
image and choreography in the show presented by Abel Gomes, set designer and general
director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Military World Games 2011.

The message of “Watercolor,” presented by the orchestra with the
Toquinho Army, gained even more strength with the choreography of students combined
with projections of images on the field of the stadium.

Almost two hours after the official start of the ceremony, singer Zizi Possi
sang “Peace” by Gilberto Gil and Joao Donato.

When Athlete of the twentieth century, Pelé – lit the Olympic cauldron,
the party began with the music of Samba Alcione, Jorge Aragon and Dudu