Cristina Fernández Visited CERN and Signed a Cooperation Agreement

By Dialogo
June 16, 2009

Geneva, June 15 (EFE).- Today the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, visited CERN, the European Laboratory of Particle Physics, where she descended to the huge tunnel that keeps the LHC particle accelerator, and signed a cooperation agreement. During the President’s visit, the Minister of Science and Technology of Argentina, Lino Barañao, signed the agreement with CERN’s director, Rolf Heur for the development of high-technology equipment for the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider, the major scientific experiment to discover the origins of the Universe. The particle accelerator, which was launched last October for the first time in a successful test that achieved atoms circulation through a circumference of 27 kilometers, shortly broke down and remained inactive and will, probably, stay inactive until the end of the year. The protocol of the cooperation agreement of 2007, signed between Barañao and the CERN’s director, contemplates that a team of Argentinean equipment specialists will collaborate in the design and construction of two new particle accelerators, the LINAC4 and the SPL. The project will be funded in part by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the equipment by the National University of Mar del Plata. "The contribution that our engineers are making to the particle accelerator is of greater importance, and the agreement will allow for a much broader involvement," stated Minister Barañao. He added that “it will be very interesting” because “this work is a universal technological showcase, the development of equipment that later will be seen by all participants.” Cristina Fernández is in Geneva to participate in the Employment Summit that started today within the International Labour Conference, which several heads of state are attending, and which aims at high-level proposals on how to overcome the serious crisis that is affecting employment. This afternoon the President Argentina is scheduled to speak at the Summit, immediately after the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.