Counterfeit Dollars and Euros Seized in Peru

By Dialogo
December 24, 2012

Peruvian police seized over $9 million in counterfeit euro and dollar notes, printed by an international forgery network operating in Lima, and believed to enter Europe and the United States, authorities reported on December 20.

“This has been the toughest blow on foreign currency counterfeit in 2012; we have seized 4.46 million dollars and 4.43 million euros (about U.S. $10.33 million total), all fake,” Colonel Segundo Portocarrero, chief of the Police Fraud Division, told AFP.

Traffickers tend to use a transit route through Argentina, Chile and Ecuador, after which the counterfeit currency is sent to American and European cities, according to the police chief.

The counterfeit organization had set its headquarters at a location near the Presidential Palace, in the center of Lima, the official reported.

The place was a print shop, where counterfeit banknotes were seized in 100 denomination dollar and euro notes “finely designed,” according to Portocarrero.

“This resulted from a three-month investigation, where U.S. Secret Service agents participated,” General Raúl Salazar, National Police Director, told the press.

Over $20.8 million and €5.5 million of counterfeit currency has been confiscated in 2012. Peru is one of the main banknote counterfeit locations in Latin America, according to the police.