Costa Rican Police Seizes 901 Kilos of Cocaine

By Dialogo
April 10, 2013

On April 7, the Costa Rican Counter Drug Police seized 901 kilos of cocaine and arrested nine people, four Colombians, two Nicaraguans, a Panamanian, and two Costa Ricans, all of whom were members of a drug trafficking organization, Minister of Public Security Mario Zamora informed.

The seizure and arrests were the result of a three-day operation, and took place in the port of Quepos, 170 km west of San José, on the Pacific coast, the minister said.

According to Zamora, the drug “presumably came from Colombia” and was hidden under the mattresses of the beds of a luxurious household located one kilometer from the center of the port.

The authorities think that the house was used as a warehouse, from which shipments were made into the United States through Mexico.

Nine people identified by their surnames, Correa Badof, Rodríguez Narváez, Gómez Muñoz and Víquez Solís (Colombian nationals); Estribi Martínez (Panamanian); Chavarría Norori and Norori Arias (Nicaraguan nationals); Chacón Sánchez and Seas Romero (Costa Rican nationals) were arrested during the operation.

In addition to the 901 kilos of cocaine, four vehicles and three firearms were also confiscated by the Police.

So far this year, 5.3 tons of cocaine have been seized in various operations in Costa Rica, according to public security authorities.