Costa Rican Police Dismantle Drug Ring

By Dialogo
February 21, 2013

Costa Rican police busted a drug trafficking network that smuggled drugs to the United States and Europe hidden in books, truck compartments and through recruited individuals, which carried them inside their bodies – referred to as “mules” -, the Ministry of Security reported.

During operations carried out in central neighborhoods in the capital and the province of Guanacaste, Drug Control Police (PCD) agents arrested four Colombian and two Costa Rican nationals, and found several quantities of cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and marihuana, as well as weapons and equipment for drug packaging, the authorities stated.

“They smuggled drugs hidden in books through the postal system; they sent drugs through recruited individuals, as well as by the traditional van method,” Security Deputy Minister Celso Gamboa told the press.

As part of the operation to disrupt this ring, which started operations in early January, a Dutch woman was detained in the Netherlands with 53 capsules of cocaine, as well as a Nicaraguan national with drug money in Nicaragua last year.

In 2012, Costa Rican authorities seized about 15 tons of cocaine.
According to U.S. authorities, 90% of cocaine sent by drug traffickers from South America to the United States – top consumer worldwide – passes through Central American and Mexican land, air, and sea.