Costa Rica Seizes Two Tons of Cocaine

By Dialogo
February 03, 2012

The amount of cocaine seized by the Costa Rican police on January 31 from three Colombian and two Costa Rican nationals increased the following day to almost two tons, the largest shipment seized in the country in the last six years, Security Minister Mario Zamora announced.

“What we’ve accounted for is 1,963 kilograms of cocaine, the largest shipment seized since 2006,” Zamora said at a press conference.

Officers of the Judicial Investigation Agency brought the drugs to San José from the port of Golfito, 350 km south of the capital, where they recorded the full amount on February 1.

Coast Guard personnel, in coordination with Air Guard authorities and the Drug Control Police, arrested three Colombian and two Costa Rican citizens who were transporting the drugs on three speedboats in the southern part of the country.

Following a partial count, authorities originally announced that the drugs came to 1,080 kilos.

Two of the vessels seized were carrying fuel, and the other one had drugs in 94 hidden sacks, according to the Public Safety Ministry.

According to Zamora, authorities continue to conduct operations by air, sea, and land in search of at least two individuals who escaped in the direction of mountainous areas.

Anti-drug authorities seized around 10 tons of cocaine in the last 18 months of Laura Chinchilla’s administration, according to official figures.

Ninety percent of the cocaine in circulation is trafficked from South America, especially from Colombia, for consumption in the United States. The drugs pass through Central American territory or through the region’s territorial waters, according to official data from Washington, D.C.