Condoms Filled with Drugs Confiscated in Bolivia

By Dialogo
December 18, 2012

The Bolivian police seized 121 kilos of liquid cocaine wrapped in condoms and stored in cans of hearts of palm that were to be shipped to Africa and Europe, after passing through Chile, a prosecutor reported on December 14.

Counter narcotics prosecutor Miguel Trigo Rocha, told local TV channels that operations were carried out in Cochabamba, 560 miles east of La Paz, where they found empty boxes of condoms that were used to wrap the drugs in a private home.

“We found several empty boxes of condoms, which were placed (with the drugs) inside cans of hearts of palm, and sealed afterwards,” said the prosecutor, who also confirmed that a counter drug authority had said in previous versions that the liquid drug amounted to 121 kilos.

The drugs were canned in Cochabamba and taken to Oruro, near Chile.

Regional anti-drug commander Colonel Iván Tapia, stated that the substance found on December 16 “was inside 1,499 cans of hearts of palm” on a busy road northbound to Chile.

Prior investigations by the prosecutor’s office showed that the drugs were destined for Africa, before being sent to Europe.

According to the United Nations, Bolivia is the third largest cocaine producer, after Peru and Colombia.