Colombia’s Anti-FARC Tactics May Prove Useful to Mexican Authorities

By Dialogo
January 17, 2012

Colombia’s oldest left-wing insurgency, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), has no intention of going quietly — despite a series of setbacks capped by the death of its supreme commander and difficulty recruiting new members.
In fact, FARC leaders are eager to demonstrate that predictions of the group’s collapse may be premature. In recent weeks, they’ve launched a series of attacks, including on two towns in the southwestern department of Cauca. In separate clashes in Tolima province with the Colombian Army’s 6th Brigade, they killed a non-commissioned officer and three enlisted men.
Norte de Santander and Putumayo provinces have also seen an uptick in FARC action as 2011 turned into 2012, leaving a woman and her baby dead and nearly two dozen wounded.
But Colombian military and civil authorities see the recent FARC attacks as the thrashing around of a movement that has lost its reason for existence and is mired in the throes of dissent.
And they remain confident that the guerrilla movement is vulnerable and weakening fast, with divisions over strategy widening and debate taking place within the movement over whether to prolong the insurgency.
FARC is ‘losing ground, says top general
“They are losing more ground every day,” Gen. Alejandro Navas, the commander of Colombia’s armed forces, told the Bogota newspaper El Nuevo. Recruitment is becoming harder and the movement’s isolation from ordinary Colombians is now almost complete, he said, maintaining that the guerrillas are on “the road to defeat, undoubtedly.”
Army spokesmen estimate that FARC has sustained a halving of its numbers in the past few years, from 16,000 to 8,000 members. Independent analysts concur and say that FARC, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars it generates from involvement in the drug trade, is looking for an end to its long struggle.
For military analyst Alfredo Rangel, the killing by the Colombian military last November of FARC’s supreme commander, Alfonso Cano, will be seen as the key turning point.
“The government landed a significant blow with Cano's death,” said Rangel asserting that it will lead to numerous desertions, further reducing FARC strength. Another well-known Colombian academic, Ancízar Marroquín, said “the disappearance of FARC’s historical leaders could herald the demobilization of the guerrilla war.”
How that may finally come about, no one is sure. Rangel thinks the movement’s new leader, 52-year-old Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry — also known as Timochenko — will fight to the bitter end in keeping with his reputation as a military tough guy. Other analysts such as Marroquín suspect the end could be closer, but advocate that the government should focus on breaking up the more efficient guerrilla units.
Mexico could learn from Colombian tactics
There are no signs that easing off is in the wind. President Juan Manuel Santos seems determined as ever to ensure the end of an insurgency that has plagued Colombia for decades.
Nearby countries, most notably Mexico, are closely monitoring developments in Colombia to try to assess what ramifications FARC’s collapse may hold for them — and more urgently to evaluate whether Colombian tactics can be of any use in combating their various security challenges.
Central American governments are impressed with the success Colombia has had in its confrontation with FARC. Since 2002, the number of municipalities FARC operates in has dropped from 377 to 142.
Santos recently suggested Colombia has a lot to offer neighbors by way of expertise and tactics. He said sharing intelligence on the links between FARC “fronts” and Mexican cartels such as Los Zetas can assist law enforcement agencies throughout Central America.
Colombia is certainly no stranger to counter-narcotics operations. Aside from battling FARC, Colombian authorities in the 1990s dismantled two of the world’s most powerful transnational crime organizations: Pablo Escobar’s Medellín cartel and the Cali cartel.
While there are major differences between the two situations – FARC remains an insurgency aimed overthrowing the government, whereas Mexican organized crime doesn’t have a political ideology — Mexican authorities clearly hope to gain from Colombian expertise in fighting drug trafficking. Colombian special forces train their Mexican counterparts
Gen. Luís Alberto Pérez, the director of Colombia’s Narcotics Police, said that last year, more than 100 Mexican police and soldiers trained with Colombian special forces. The four-month commando courses included jungle training, raiding heavily fortified strongholds, and the use of assault weapons and explosives.
Pérez said other countries could learn much from the counter-insurgency strategy known as Plan Colombia, which itself has three primary goals: to clear insurgents from territory, to hold territory wrested back from the guerrillas while weakening the FARC’s drug-dependent funding, and finally, to sever ties between locals and guerrillas by promoting economic and social development.
Mexican cartels are just as determined as FARC to control and dominate territory. Yet police and military officers there are not up against a clearly visible uniformed armed group like the FARC. They do, however, confront traffickers who employ increasingly terror-like tactics such as mounting ambushes, planting bombs and trying to outgun authorities when raided.
Mexican officials aren’t only interested in observing Colombian military tactics. The province of La Macarena — once a FARC stronghold that the government wrested from the guerrillas — has lately been the focus of development programs implemented by the Santos government in order to prevent a return to violence and drug trafficking.
AS LONG AS THERE IS UNEMPLOYMENT, HUNGER AND HOMELESS ELDERLY, CHILDREN, LANDLESS PEASANTS, THERE WILL BE CONFLICT WHERE EVERYONE WILL BE VICTIMS; TO STOP THE CONFLICT THERE MUST BE DIALOGUE FOR A NEGOTIATED POLITICAL SOLUTION. THAT´S WHAT WE, THE COLOMBIANS OF GOOD WILL, BELIEVE IN; THE FINANCIAL OCTOPUSES WHO BENEFIT FROM THIS VIOLENCE THINK OTHERWISE Many people are more interested in the result of moment that the outcome in the future, we believe that killing one of the members of this terrorist organization is a relevant thing in that sense. "It can be of great importance for lethargy that it cannot get rid of, does not realize, is the only one who loses. Gentlemen, military, Members of the Government Cabinet, the killing of narco-terrorist CANO was not a triumph for the country, closed an enormous opportunity that the country had reaching the beloved and long dreamed peace. Few, if not one, Commander of that organization had been so close to a negotiation than this criminal. The State turned off a light, it did not initiate a new era. As a sample, after that event, attacks have occurred everywhere, and as always legal weapons holders are who live the rigor of a war that is waged and they know nothing about it. w23 I hope that other countries find these comments about the struggle that Colombians are involved in useful No one can believe how the criminal manipulation of the media seeks to undermine the policies and intentions of the patriotic revolutionary armed forces of Colombia as an armed actor. It is true that a Plan that is not Colombian, but yankee in its origin in its effort to achieve a strategic position that can lead to a comfortable expansion in the Amazon region and can be used as political control of the policy adopted by border neighbors like Chavez and Correa. And there is no doubt that the FARC turns into a supporting actor, but the criminals of the Empire and the Colombian right-wing must not believe that the end of the FARC is the end of violence. Another America is possible. Do not mistake los ZETAS with the FARC criminals. Mediatic criminals. It is absurd to think that the war in Colombia will end with military purposes, if it is true that illegal recruitment is now more difficult but still day after day civilian personnel joins these groups. It is true that the guerrilla is in the jungle fighting but many of them are in their homes with their families with different objectives, and they should consider an alternative solution because the insurgency left in the front line will have them busy for a couple of years. The Colombian Government should think about the soldiers, the civilians, innocent people who will die while they finish with them. When a country is so cornered by drug trafficking, like Mexico or Colombia, since now the problem is due to drugs and not ideological, blame it on society. At this stage of events, they get what they deserve. I live in Uruguay and surely drug comes in, but we do not allow it to overwhelm us. Whoever gets involved in this knows what he is exposed to, do not copy any digit, I READ AN ARTICLE THAT WAS SENT TO ME REGARDING THE ATTACKS, SO WHEN A BOMB EXPLODES, REGARDLESS OF WHO PLACES IT, THEY ARE SOUL LESS THUGS, THROUGHOUT COLOMBIAN HISTORY THERE HAVE BEEN ATTACKS FROM THE EXTREME RIGHT WING AIMED AT GENERATING,THROUGH THE MEDIA, MORE HATE IN THEIR ENEMY. SO WE MUST HAVE RESERVATIONS ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THE ATTACKS SINCE THEY CAN COME FROM OF ULTRA-RIGHT WING CRIMINALS AND TO KNOW WHO IS THE TOP REPRESENTATIVE ONE ONLY HAS TO SAY WHITE IS HEN AND PUT. SO IT WOULD BE A GOOD THING IF THE MEDIA WERE MORE IMPARTIAL AND WOULD NOT HESITATE TO GIVE OUT NEWS WITHOUT INVESTIGATING SINE WHEN ANYTHING HAPPENS THEY AUTOMATICALLY ACT LIKE SHEEP AND THEY ALREADY KNOW WHOM TO BLAME. THE GUERRILLAS, THE PARACOS, MILITARY THAT CARRY OUT AND HAVE MADE SET UPS WITH MASSACRES OR SELECTIVELY, THE PARA-POLITICIANS GENERATORS OF VIOLENCE AND MASSACRES, IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONE OR THE OTHER OF THESE CRIMINALS, THE RADIO HIGHLIGHTS ONLY A SECTOR, THEY ATTACK ONLY ONE POLITICAL PARTY, BUT NEVER GET OUT A REPORT OF ALL PARA-POLITICIANS OR FARC-POLITICIANS CONVICTED BY A COURT IN ORDER TO KNOW AT LEAST TO WHICH PARTY THEY BELONG TO AND WHAT IS THE POLITICAL PARTY THAT HAS MORE INVESTIGATED ASSASSINS OR IN JAIL AND OTHERS FLEEING TO FRIENDLY COUNTRIES TO HIDE LIKE SEWER RATS. Gentlemen: FARC. You lost your identity in front of the Colombian people, because you have turned into common criminals, killing, kidnapping, drug trafficking and abusing civilians. The only option that you have is to surrender and pay for all the crimes you have committed, otherwise the same that happened to Raúl Reyes, Mono Jojoy, Alfonso Cano and others will happen to you. You are only bastards, with clothes and all. Everything that is written is good because it reveals to the population in Latin America the struggle that is taking place in Colombia, the Beautiful, it is the end of the guerrilla movement, proving that they are out of the context that all of us, Latinos, wish for. The one that writes that the FARC are patriotic, is a guerrilla that still believes in such nonsense of patriotism and sovereignty, these people have lived in the jungle for such a long time that they don't know what they're saying, they call themselves people's army, but they murder,blackmail, displace and kidnap the people... so in Colombia nobody wants them, they are the worst plague that the beautiful country like Colombia has ever had. They take away the land of peasants to plant coca and they impose on Colombian peasants what must be sown. IT IS AN ARCHAIC TERRORIST GROUP WITH THEIR PHILOSOPHIES MARXIST, LENINIST AND TERRORISTS. aaaaaaaaaaaa I didn't know this, not that I am stupid but I knew nothing although I am a little bit of a fool, but no. I´m karito Mndez .. Greetings bye. And I am not a fool... The same strategy of NAILING 5 military BASES owned by Americans? Is that what you mean? SLAVE COLOISTA greetings. Terrorism has existed and it always will because they are irregular groups that work in the shade, there can be hard blows but it does not disappear with violence, the issue is political,! I really see comments and I say:! what do ordinary people know, those that have not completed or taken a course of counter-insurgency or anti-terrorism or see the degree of interference and the power of military technology of American bases that are engaged in spying? with all due respect but they do not know, much less the logic that is followed in intelligence centers, you would be very alarmed, becaue that is like "fighting the Devil with another Devil", do not know and and I don't know why they assure in many of the cases, greetings I hope not to offend but it is the truth. A COUNTRY LOSESSOVEREIGNTY AND IS VULNERABLE WHEN BASES ARE PLANTED FOR "SUPPORT" (SPIES) IN YOUR COUNTRY, NO TO FOREIGN BASES, GREETINGS THE DEFENSE OF THE LIBERATION FORCES OF THE COLOMBIAN PEOPLE IS A GUARANTEE OF HELP FOR THESE PEOPLE, I DON'T DOUBT IT FOR THE PEOPLE OF COLOMBIA. BUT THE RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF AN EXPLOITED PEOPLE MISLED BY THIS PENTAGONAL CAPITALIST RIGHT WING DISGUISED IN THAT COUNTRY. THAT HAS THE GREATEST WEALTH OF EMERALDS, THERE ARE ONLY TWO COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD THAT HAVE THIS PRECIOUS STONE AN I DON'T AGREE, I SUPPORT THE LIBERATION FORCES THAT DON'T AGREE WITH THIS GOVERNMENT. BUT I DON'T AGREE WITH REMOVING THE GUARANTEES OF LIFE, SO MANY YEARS TO A HUMAN HOSTAGE AND THAT HE LOSES A FEW YEARS OF HIS LIFE SUFFERING ATROCITIES AGAINST HIS HUMAN RIGHTS , I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY REVOLUTIONARIES OF THE PLANET. THANK YOU SINCERELY "RAMONON" Mr. JULIÁN, your comment seems from a person living in the 60s with this communist rhetoric about the empire, people like you who prefer to see drug traffickers, murderers and kidnappers by the simple fact of hating a country, you are ignorant and uninformed. the farcs are brutal criminals who deserve as minimum death penalty and luckily the Yankees help Colombia, otherwise these illiterate tyrants who the only thing they know is to strip their peoples of the most elementary of a country: the freedom to express themselves as persons, having all their civil guarantees protected. Ask the people from VENEZUELA, BOLIVIA and ECUADOR THAT ARE GOVERNED BY THE 3 STOOGES OF SOUTH AMERICA. Then Mr. JULIÁN open your mouth and say something reasonable and not ass kissing with those 3 petty tyrants. In Colombia at the moment the Military Forces and the National Police have been defeated, not in the military field, but the legal field. The narco-terrorists are infiltrated in the high courts, the District Attorney's Office and supervisory bodies, and together with NGOs of left radicals that pose to the international community as defenders of Human Rigsts are apeasing the military with demands and imprisonment - case of Colonel Plazas Vega - we're going through a serious crisis in the institutions, that threatens to put an end to the State of Law. If the Mexicans want to replicate somewhat the success fighting crime, they have to start by choosing a true leader that can feel the pain, fear, anguish of the people as their own when they have to deal with criminals or be their victims. Not a leader that neglects his true responsibilities out of personal convenience, he must ensure the security and tranquility of the people. In Colombia the current Government left aside dignity, sovereignty, integrity and security of the people when they betrayed the ideals and work of public policy of "democratic security" designed in the previous Government of Alvaro Uribe Velez, in order to attack militarily and legally the narco-terrorists and their accomplices in the press, justice and politics – for example, Piedad Córdoba, a Senator, that was removed because of her connections with criminals and that at the time acted with impunity, by the assurances offered by her cronies of justice – this shows that Colombia is losing its leadership in this fight, it is the increase of terrorist acts to which the president, without any shame, says that the situation is magnified by the press,and it is only the perception of what is happening in Colombia. WAR SUITS A FEW, THAT PROFIT FROM IT, THAT IS WHY THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT PEACE, BECAUSE THEIR CHILDREN DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO WAR, INSTEAD THEY GO TO HARVARD TO PREPARE THEMSELVES SO THEY CAN CONTINUE WITH THE STORY, FOR HOW LONG WILL COLOMBIANS CONTINUE TO BELIEVE SO MANY LIES, SUPPORTED BY THE MEDIA, OF THIS CRIMINAL AND EVIL EXTREME RIGHT WING? THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT POWER AND CRUSH WHOEVER WISHES TO CHANGE THIS, AND YOU, THE LITTLE COLOMBIANS, PULLING YOUR HAIR DEFENDING YOUR MASTERS "WHAT AN IRONY" TRULY IN COLOMBIA THERE WILL BE PEOPLE NO PLEASED BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW THE HANDLE OF THE COFFERS OF THE STATE ARE BEING HANDLED, WHICH CAN BE USED FOR THE LEAST FAVOURED PEOPLE, AND THE IGNORANCE OF MANY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ AND WRITE; A FEW WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TO MANIPULATE THEM. AN IGNORANT PEOPLE IS A SUBJECTED PEOPLE: BOLÍVAR for a long time I have been thinking.. .If the media would stop mentioning during ONE day, ONLY ONE day....the existence of the so named FARC,... don´t you believe that that this would hurt them more than any of the attacks made by the Colombian army?... The FARC are no longer a guerrilla movement but a drug trafficking and terrorist organization. And the only way to exterminate them is by legalizing narcotics, something that Colombia cannot do on its own. The problem is that drug trafficking favors global economic elites and, therefore, it will not be easy to have the world leaders accept this solution. I will never agree with the FARC guerrillas they are inhuman assassins who do not think, besides, who does not realize that they are the major producers of drug-trafficking, therefore, down with the farc ep, death to that gang of murderers and vandals ...... The problem is that the farc attack the helpless people... but on the other hand, the Colombian Government is who funds this war, that they already forgot how it began... this war started at the beginning of this century, because people of the "common" in their eagerness to be Socialists like many that existed throughout history, such as C. Marx, Lenin, among others. These Socialists had the certainty that politics should be for the benefit of the people, but at the time and to the present day, politics is for the benefit of a few. This movement,out of the law, tried to get to power by legal means,but... since they had this Socialist mentality and did not want to continue with other movements had been doing, their leaders began to be killed to prevent them from reaching power... but they didn't want to be more oppressed any more and they rose up in arms to try to have a coup...just like in cuba, but it was not possible... that is why ever since then they have tried to do it by brute force... which apparently in our society is the only force that works!. The reality of this commentary is... so you can be aware that there is someone who has eyes open... and that if tomorrow, "by some coincidence of life I appear "Dead" you will know why. I am not a guerrilla as they nicknamed the FARC, and I am not a member of FARC... I am only I a citizen with a conscience. I HAD NO INTENTIONS OF COMMENTING, BUT AFTER READING THE VIEWS OF ALL THE WRITERS I DECIDED TO DO IT. ACTUALLY THE COLOMBIAN PROBLEM IS EXTREMELY COMPLEX BECAUSE OF A NUMBER OF FACTORS THAT ARE MIXED: A) INEQUALITY, B) CORRUPTION C) DRUG TRAFFICKING D) PARAMILITARIES, E) GUERRILLA, F) BUSINESS CLASS AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS THAT ONLY SEEK TO ACCUMULATE FORTUNES TO OBTAIN MORE POWER, THE LAST THING THEY HAVE IN THEIR MINDS IS SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF THE COLOMBIAN PEOPLE; NOW, EVERYTHING IN LIFE PASSES THROUGH A CYCLE, ONCE FARC DISAPPEARS THERE WON´T BE EXCUSE TO NOT TO SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF THE COLOMBIANS PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY CANNOT KEEP US NUMB ANYMORE WITH THIS STUPID WAR THAT IS LIKE A DRUG THAT HAS US DAZED. AFTER SOME YEARS THE PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP AND THEY WILL KICK THE OLIGARCHY OUT OF POWER AND THE REAL REVOLUTION WILL TAKE PLACE AS IT IS HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA, ECUADOR, BOLIVIA, NICARAGUA, CUBA. LATIN AMERICA IS ONE SINGLE HOMELAND, IT IS THE BIG HOMELAND AND EVERY LATINO MUST BE HURTING. IT IS A MISTAKE TO BELIEVE THAT THOSE THAT HAVE EXPLOITED US, WHO ARE THE SONS OF THE COLONY, WHO ENSLAVED OUR ANCESTORS, WHO ALLOWS A FOREIGN POWER COMES TO OUR COUNTRY TO RAPE OUR DAUGHTERS, OUR WOMEN AND NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM, THEY WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEMS THAT THEY THEMSELVES HAVE CREATED. WHATEVER, BUT I WILL NEVER SEE THAT SCOURGE WITH GOOD EYES, AND THEREFORE IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO WITHDRAW, THEN THE ONLY WAY TO ELIMINATE THEM IS WITH A LOT OF BULLETS AND BOMBS!!! SO THEY CAN LEARN ONCE AND FOR ALL "THAT LIFE IS TO FEEL IT, RESPECT IT AND TO APPRECIATE IT” RATHER THAN CONSIDERING THEMSELVES GODS THAT DECIDE WHO WILL LIVE AND WHO WILL NOT Here in this article there are no PARAMILITARIES, THERE ARE NO URIBE PARA POLITICIANS, NO KILLER CHAINSAWS, NO STATE CARTELS ... AHHH THERE ARE NO FALSE POSITIVES (STATE KILLINGS) NO MASS GRAVES IN LA MACARENA.... THAT IS, THEY DO NOT EXIST Here in this article there are no PARAMILITARIES, THERE ARE NO URIBE'S PARA-POLITICIANS, THERE ARE NO KILLER CHAINSAWS, THERE ARE NO STATE CARTELS... AHHH NO FALSE POSITIVES (STATE KILLINGS) THERE ARE NO MASS GRAVES IN LA MACARENA.... THAT IS, THEY DO NOT EXIST Do not be stupid: the only way to progress is through hard work and respecting others THE TERRORISTS OF THE FARC SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY DEMOBILIZED ONCE AND FOR ALL AND WE SHOULD NOT EXPECT THAT OUR GLORIOUS ARMY OF COLOMBIA CAPTURE OR KILL THEM IN MILITARY OPERATIONS. AND THUS THEY WOULD STOP THE SUFFERING OF THE COLOMBIAN PEOPLE. THANK GOD WE GOT RID OF THOSE RATS IN CUNDINAMARCA. THE FARC ARE AN INSURGENT GROUP WITH A POLITICAL PROGRAM , IN SPITE OF THE BIG LIES OF THE COLOMBIAN GOVERNMENT AND ITS MEDIA, SO I DO NOT KNOW HOW VIABLE ARE THE COUNTER-INSURGENT TACTICS APPLIED TO THE GREAT MAFIA IN MEXICO. It really makes me laugh to see comments where with patriotic chagrin and shameless cynicism, some commentators are passionate arguing that the FARC are very different from Los Zetas ... don't the FARC grow, process and earn profits from the drug (something widely proved)?, or is that perhaps that the "political component" makes them different from terrorist acts and homicides?... a murderer is a murderer, no matter what! ReyRey... with due respect: you must update... the Supreme Court in Colombia prevented the installation of military bases... that is no longer an excuse to "complain"... You might not believe this but the Colombian Government has separation of powers and also respects the sovereignty (another thing is to allow the flood of Cubans of dubious "work" or mortgage the country to the Chinese,for example) I don't know why journalists call murder the death of a guerrilla in combat. Murder is killing with treachery and by the back and helplessness, with aggravating circumstances of cruelty. I do not think that we will defeat imperialism with an irregular warfare. A world war against imperialism would not be wise either. Such a war, if launched, would never be declared. In fact, in my point of view, it exists. I believe that the essence of the man is not the war. I also believe what we believe "to be men" also leaves much to be desired. Especially for women. the farc will never be exterminated, some of their members can be killed, but the farc will never give up, they will continue fighting to achieve the dream of comrade manuel marulanda When a revolutionary acts he must be careful and not to make the mistakes that the farc has made, they lost the essence, the mystic, the principles and therefore they have now lost the support of the Colombian people and the world, because they have turned to drug trafficking, extorting farmers in their areas of action. You don't do the revolution killing and kidnapping innocent people, that is why they have been left behind over time. Therefore, the results will be adverse and they will disappear, either by being prisoners or dead. When a revolutionary acts he must be careful and not make the same mistakes that the farc made. They lost the essence, the mystic, the principles and therefore they have now lost the support of the Colombian people and the world, because they have turned to drug trafficking, extorting the farmers in their areas of action. You do not make a revolution killing and kidnapping innocent people, that is why they have been left behind over time. Therefore, the results will be adverse and they will disappear, either by being prisoners or by being dead. I WOULD ADD TO MR. VALLEJO THAT UNEMPLOYMENT, HUNGER AND MISERY THAT YOU SHOW AS MAIN HOTBEDS OF CONFLICT I WOULD ADD THE RAMPANT BIRTHRATE THAT IS HIGHER EVERY DAY AND THAT THE STATE IS NOT INTERESTED AT ALL IN CONTROLLING IT, INSTEAD THE FOREIGN POWERS ARE INTERESTED IN IT BECAUSE A HIGHER RATE OF GROWTH GENERATES MORE VIOLENCE AND MORE VIOLENCE INCREASES THE SALE OF WEAPONS... Although there are big theories that the Government has almost defeated Colombia FARC revolutionary forces. I would dare to say that this is not very realistic since from 2002 until 2008 the FARC were devoted to preserving force applying the theory of guerrilla warfare and that same year the directorate who leads them decided that the fronts should be mobile. This is a basic information that will keep you thinking on what the Colombian Government says in order to show results to the people. They could be helpful, but we must remember that they are not the same thing. We need that the Colombian people, we the civilians give our life for the soldiers. the coward farc are using us civilians as shields; we need to make sacrifices to help the army; civilians have to disarm the farc even though it could mean to lose our lives; the brave die once, the cowards die many times; let´s be united for a Colombia free of terrorism and communism. a Colombian who wants to be free. THE FARC IS A POLITICAL IDEOLOGICAL GROUP, BUT THEY HAVE LOST THE COURSE OF THEIR CLAIMS FOR THE PEOPLE; HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO KILL PEASANTS, WORKERS, MILITARY OR POLICE OFFICERS OF ALL RANKS. HOWEVER, URIBE AND HIS PARAMILITARY GROUP,TURNED OUT TO BE MORE CRIMINALS, STATE TERRORISM, POWER THIRSTY, AND SANTOS IS NOT INNOCENT, ALTHOUGH HIS FRIENDS REGARD HIM AS SUCH... WITH THE DEATH OF THIS OR THAT, WAR DOES NOT END, EACH ONE HAS THE RESOURCES AND CONDITIONS TO CONTINUE BECAUSE IT IS A BUSINESS THAT GIVES EXORBITANT PROFITS. THE DIFFERENCE LIES IN THAT SOME ENJOY WAR WITH THE COMFORTS THAT THE BOURGEOISIE OFFER THEM, WHILE THE OTHERS FACES IT WITH THEIR DAY DREAMING IDEALISM, ALSO AS LONG AS INEQUALITIES BETWEEN RICH AND POOR PREVAIL, WAR IS AN UNQUESTIONABLE FACT. THE COLOMBIAN PROBLEM IS VERY COMPLEX, BUT IT CAN BE SUMMARIZED IN SIMPLE THINGS. THE PROBLEM OF VIOLENCE IN COLOMBIA IS NOT ONLY ABOUT THE FARC. BECAUSE OTHER SOURCES OF VIOLENCE ARE CORRUPTION, CENTRALISM, ILLITERACY, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INEQUALITY IN COLOMBIA IS VERY CLEAR. THE FARC IS AN ARMED GROUP THAT IS MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS OLD, BUT IT IS A GROUP THAT THROUGH THE YEARS HAS UNDERGONE NOTICEABLE TRANSFORMATIONS AND HAS HAD TO ADAPT (UNSUCCESSFULLY) TO NEW AND CHANGING POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SITUATIONS OF WORLD ORDER. THE FARC LEADERS, MOST OF THEM ARE DEAD, NEVER MANAGED TO ASSIMILATE OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DISCONTENT OF MOST COLOMBIANS, BECAUSE THE COMMON CITIZEN IS THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY HAS IN HIS/HER HANDS THE STRENGTH AND THE NUMBERS TO MAKE MAJOR CHANGES IN A SOCIETY AND WE COLOMBIANS IT IS NOT THAT WE ARE ASLEEP OR DOZY, THE REALITY IS THAT IN COLOMBIA THERE IS NOT A MOVEMENT, ONE THAT HAS DEMONSTRATED THE ABILITY, THE TRANSPARENCY NOR THE COMMON SENSE TO LEAD MOST OF THE PEOPLE TO THEIR SIDE. IT IS NOT A LEADER OR A DICTATOR OR A VIOLENT GROUP WITH ROMANTICS SPEECHES THAT WILL PROVOKE THIS MASSIVE SUPPORT. IN COLOMBIA, THE POLITICAL RIGHT, CENTRE AND LEFT HAVE HAD A SHAMEFUL PERFORMANCE AND ALL HAVE CHOSEN AT SOME POINT CORRUPTION AND VIOLENCE, PLUNGING THE COUNTRY IN BACKWARDNESS AND HUNGER THAT IS MORE ACCENTUATED IN SOME REGIONS THAN IN OTHERS, WHILE THE POLITIC FORCES ARE INVOLVED IN ATTACKING AND DEFENDING THEMSELVES FROM THE OTHERS. OBVIOUSLY, WHEN THERE IS A MOVEMENT THAT KEEPS THE PACE WITH THE NEEDS AND THE MENTALITY OF COLOMBIANS, THAT MOSTLY ARE RECURSIVE, ENTERPRISING AND HARD WORKING PEOPLE, THE PEACE THAT WE YEARN WILL ARRIVE.

How great would it be to have a nation in peace with less social inequality. Our legislators ONLY DO THINGS FOR THEIR OWN benefit and not for the people, the Governments contract works and they keep most of the money for themselves, the forces of left and right are the same thing, seeking WEALTH in the midst of these conflicts the people are starving, when it will beeeeeee It would be great to have a nation in peace with less social inequality. Our legislators ONLY DO THINGS FOR THEIR OWN benefit and not for the people, the Governments contract works and they keep most of the money for themselves, the forces of left and right are the same thing, seeking WEALTH amid of all these conflicts there are people starving, when it will beeeeeee . I believe that the causes that originated the creation and development of the farc have never disappeared, rather, they have increased. However I believe that they must adapt to the new times and use the instruments provided by the pseudo-democracy for their political purposes and from there make the proposed changes and pursued by their leaders and members, because currently geopolitics has changed and I think that they can achieve the same objectives and instead of turning to weapon they can use the institutional path. Moreover, nobody could question their rise to power, when that happens. A political agreement of peace worthy for the Colombian people and the farc-ep can be achieved and this instead of going at the expense of the organization it could be beneficial for them. Congratulations on the courageous and wise measure of releasing prisoners or persons retained because of the war and outlaw this practice that generates hate against them and it is odious for most of the citizens of the world, because precisely this practice punishes innocent people and undermines the popular support to the organization. Lastly,as long as the rule of exclusion, marginality, injustice and ignorance of laws and Colombian society peoples exists, today, just as yesterday, people will rise against exploitation, abuse, injustice, evil elements that prevail in Colombia today. Indeed, a scribbler has hit the nail. The guerrillas, whatever name they are called, will be forgotten once they are no longer mentioned. The day that the media by common agreement resolves not to mention them again no matter what, they will disappear from the map automatically. the worst part for Colombia have been the farc ...massacres, displacement, extortion. My grandfather started with 2 cows and with his effort during 20 years he was able to have 17 cows, he was blackmailed ... they tortured and dismembered him...because of his fight to survive... and they claim to be the people's army... If people support them is because of fear...nothing else... but 99 percent of the national and international peoples hate them... they exert power through a rifle.. and through the millions earned from kidnapping and coca. , and the bourgeois life of more... get out farc, no more farc... and they know that no one believes them... and they will never seize power and this is not because some says so, it is because this the reality... it is that ideology that even them don't believe in, their web pages must be shut isolation to these bloody... thugs... the worst thing for Colombia have been the farc ...massacres, displacement, extortion. My grandfather started with 2 cows and with his effort during 20 years he was able to have 17 cows, he was blackmailed ... they tortured and dismembered him...because of his fight to survive... and they claim to be the army of the people... If people support them is because of fear...nothing else... but 99 percent of the national and international people hate them... they exert power through a rifle.. and through the millions earned from kidnapping and coca. , and the bourgeois life of more... farc get out, no more farc... and they know that no one believes them... and they will never seize power and this is not because some say so, it is because this the reality... that ideology they don't even believe in it, their web pages must be shut isolation to these bloody... thugs... I DO NOT KNOW WHY THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE SO STUPID THAT MENTION THE WORD MURDERED BY THE ARMY WHEN ANY GUERRILLA DIES IN A MILITARY OPERATION. THE CASE OF ALFONSO CANO. THE NATIONAL ARMY IS A LEGALLY CONSTITUTED FORCE, WITH OPERATIONAL POWERS ASSIGNED BY THE PEOPLE THROUGH ITS NATIONAL CONSTITUTION FOR COMPLIANCE BY THE GOVERNMENT AND IT IS NOT ASSIGNED BY A UNDER COVER GUERRILLA GROUP... PIEDAD CORDOBA... CEPEDA... NGO... THE LATTER SHOULD ALREADY BE IN PRISONS...THEY DEFENSE SUBVERSION FROM THEIR POSITIONS. Despite what is happening in Colombia we need to be honest and all of this is because of the political corruption that has been going on for many years. If politicians do not share their ideas and commitments with the Colombian people, we cannot talk about achieving and seeking peace because there will never be peace, and the farc will never put down their weapons because the poor and the middle class do not know what is right or wrong, neither here nor there. No one can even think that a group of bandits trained and dedicated exclusively to do evil can be the solution for ending poverty, unemployment, hunger, the elderly and homeless children and landless peasants. If the Colombians found in those who claim to be defenders of the people, and didn't have to cry every day for the murders, robberies, kidnappings, destruction of peoples, placement of mines, rape, massacre of peasants, blackmailing and if they were not holders of seven plagues, surely they would be ruling the country. How we are to believe them if only they were born to do evil and have not made one single gesture of sanity and the desire to do good. IT IS A MYSTERY HOW THE FARC ARE GOING TO HANDLE THIS COUNTRY, WITHOUT RIFLES, WITHOUT ABDUCTIONS AND WITHOUT THE HIDDEN HELP OF THE NEIGHBORING GOVERNMENTS OF VENEZUELA AND ECUADOR, AND PARTICULARLY THE CASTRO BROTHERS. OK, friends of the FARC, to continue the fight, do not believe your opponent, the Government, the empires and the allied governments; it is necessary to negotiate by fighting, we must incorporate the air force, you must arm yourselves more and more until the Colombian Government considers the weight and begins to negotiate. Long live the Farcs, no falling here, stand up and continue to fight because fighting leads to victory or allows the rival to negotiate with dignity. There was a time when the narcofarc were narco guerrillas who profit from the weight process, now they are narcofarc that profit from the entire business, the heads of the narcofarc are authentic kingpins of disappeared Colombian mafia; they have been occupying the void left by Don Pablo Escobar, the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers and other drug traffickers who dominated the illegal market in Colombia, the idea of Santos of nationalizing this illegal activity will definitely lead to the collapse of the finances of these destabilizing groups because they are fueled by the marketing of drug dollars. his article takes back to those articles that were published in Argentina during the dictatorship, the ideological meaning is the same. It makes think that the worse right wing governs Colombia and Mexico, they represent past ideologies that have been left behind by most of Latin America... In brief, they are one of the few remaining U.S. puppet Governments! and if the article has the sense of spying to see who sympathizes with farc ... uh they discovered me !! jajaja For Camilo and Ebaristo: "here in this article..." THERE ARE NO MASS GRAVES IN THE MACARENA... "That is, they do not exist"... indeed..THEY DO NOT EXIST... These "mass graves" are a cemetery in a former guerrilla region... until the gravedigger of the town spoke up and said that journalists with a foreign accent had offered him $$$ to say such bullshit!... or didn´t you know? It is assumed that colombia is fighting a war against capitalism (money) I don't know how in the future it will support a system which collapses over time...many people do not care about pollution (not only garbage) (not on Earth) (exploitation)(marginalization) (loss of human values)(roots in folklore race blood thinking) (humility.. because now only money is needed) (even to love) A LOT OF PEOPLE EARN THE MINIMUM ...drugged children...pregnant girls... thieves... fleteros… because (all) have the right to earn their bread by the sweat of (their) foreheads...Although many do not make anything for (people) and they earn millions and who complains if most of the taxes are spent on war? many are slaves or soldiers of slaves and soldiers of many camouflaged behind fictitious and rigged and MANIPULATED laws by a (few)...MONEY IN FEW POCKETS AND CONTINUE TO BE EXPLOITED,... at least in the (REAL COLOMBIA) you can eat A MANGO without having to pay taxes...POLITICIANS fighting like snakes to impose (their reality) and give example to this beautiful and handsome and pure and untouchable country full of riches (unnamed) in a free country (should be free)... How many people (people) (numbers) have died... EVEN the blood of Christ was spilled... THE MOST AFFECTED ARE THE smallest.. dominant and dominated... even a human being can be sold as a product to the rich... the life is worth a lot.... but here in this city it is worth nothing... people are killed by money hatred which was infused by the settlers... and without exception are those who give us weapons to the laws in this country (Be logically and legally capable of killing without any restriction... ** buy (Street) shut up...)Thank you :p IF THE FARC LOST ITS COURSE OR NOT, I DON'T THINK SO; THE ROTTEN CORRUPT THIEF AND MANIPULATOR COLOMBIAN SYSTEM LED TO THE FARC TO SEEK SURVIVAL TACTICS AND INTELLIGENCE, AND WHAT THE ARMY DOES IS MURDER, THE FACT THAT THE CONSTITUTION ENDORSES THEM DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE LITTLE ANGELS AND DO THE RIGHT THING, MEDIA, POLITICAL CLASS, PARAMILITARIES ARE TORMENTING AND PRETENDING TO BE SAINTS BUT THE TRUTH IS DIFFERENT The Farc resurfaces with bombings and massacres but someday they will drown in the blood of the people they bleed to death ITS IS US WHO LOVE OUR PRESIDENT ALVARO URIBE VELEZ, SAY, THAT WITH THIS SOCIAL DECOMPOSITION IN OUR BELOVED COLOMBIA, WE ONLY WANT HIM TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY AGAIN BECAUSE IN THE HANDS THAT IT IS TODAY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE SINCE THE CURRENT PRESIDENT FORGOT THE LESSON THAT DOCTOR ALVARO URIBE LEFT BEHIND BECAUSE IF URIBE LEFT HIM THERE IT WAS TO REPRESENT HIM PROPERLY, NOT TO SMEAR HIS FACE. IN THESE FORUMS THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT JUSTIFY CRIME OF A HUMAN BEING BECAUSE HE THINKS DIFFERENTLY THAN THE STATE, TAKE LIFE AWAY FROM A
HUMAN BEING IS A CRIME HERE AND ANYWHERE, THE IDIOT THAT SAYS THAT THE DEATH OF A GUERRILLA KILLED BY THE BULLETS OF THE PUBLIC FORCE IS NOT A CRIME, ACCORDING TO YOU, A CRIME IS WHEN A REBEL KILLS A SOLDIER. BOTH ARE A CRIME. Hello! Let's see, it is not only about saying who is to blame or not to blame. Otherwise, let´s crucify the Pope for being German. The goal is to put an end to cancer that in no way has benefited to the poor in the country: Guerrilla, call them whatever you want. But I invite you to take a walk to the Colombians fields and Oh! Surprise, how profitable is the guerrilla business. Someone says break the backbone of these organizations. Remember Marquetalia? But today there is talk of human rights. Then where do we stand? Cancer is fought with radiation. the guerrillas will never disappear but it can be eradicated with the accolade of the people. Now, what if those people cease to be a scoundrel and puts an end to corruption of electing illiterate rulers, ignorant and retarded, who only learn to be signors of the smarter ones. Or have you heard of any of them standing out amid the gamonales and oligarchs landowners, holders of the major industries and the Colombian state lands. Guerrillas and Colombian Government, wrapped under the same blanket, and are cut with the same scissors as the illustrious Mexican singer Chente said. If I remember correctly, in college they taught me that to be an illustrious ruler one had to graduate from the University, and having taught there. But these bastards, these rulers we have now graduated from the University of Life, and have given courses on lack of protection to the unhappy children who brought to the world. Could it be that we continue to be asleep throughout eternity? Each crazy person takes advantage of the past and suits it to their convenience. Chavez with his Bolivarian power. Uribe with his Colombian self-defence. Galan with gaitanistas ideas. Andres Uriel building not kilometres but miles of road, but leading to his haciendas, or the contracts that were never monitored. Who is going to uncover this fucking pot of mismanagement of the previous Administration to see if the new one can be refined and we are already regretting the little vote of many Colombians who continue to ignore the situation of our dear COLOMBIA. It is such a huge amount of narco pesos that are transacted that before an employee takes over his/her position he/she already knows how many millions he/she will receive. Well actually if the farc has half a century of existence it is because of social inequalities prevailing till now in Colombia and the current Government is not a meek dove of peace, but warmongering and terrorist, which they hide and cover, also they pretend to be brave when 7 gringas military bases protect them, how brave are they, they should be ashamed of themselves. The Colombian problem is structural and as long as the system doesn't change, there will be Farc or other social movements that will make demands on behalf of the Colombians. WHY SO MANY DEATHS, PEACE PLEASE To think that the farc has altruist goals is be very unrealistic or may be very wrong because I am 24 years and I've heard that all my life these idiots always find a stupid excuse to justify their stupid fight and for the most part the Colombian oligarchy does not want this stupid war to be over because some of them live from it. I wish we didn't have to depend on other countries, that we could be original and have a mind of our own. Mr. Eduardo: I totally agree with your comment, and incidentally, I must add the following to back you up: "If politics wasn't a (corrupt) business, who would want to go into politics?." Of course they become rich by illicitly plundering the public funds, that is fed by our taxes. In addition, fraudulent contracts, smuggling (where some politicians are the large gamonales), extraction and illicit sale of our natural resources, abandonment of the territories, lack of means of penetration, lack of health, education, housing, poverty, etc., etc., and, hence, there they are unabated, increasingly filling their putrid coffers and the Colombian people suffering hunger, unemployment, insecurity, burdensome taxes, paying the more expensive public services in the world (poorer) and I could go on and on, this is endless and them, the very cynical politicians say that politics is a beautiful virtue! (of stealing, looting the people and living in corruption.) Best regards, Mr Eduardo. As long as the judges in our country remain colluded with the forces of the left and justice is delivered in a twisted manner; as long as the judges are not implementing the National Constitution properly and as long as this same biased justice does not consider everybody to be judged with the same perspective, the FARC guerrillas are going to continue destroying our beloved country. Don't you wonder why nothing has happened with the leaders of the left? For example, Piedad Córdoba (teodora), Carlos Lozano, Carlos Alonso Lucio, etc. According to the judges of the Republic, the evidence is not strong enough, and when someone makes a statement against any member of the left, it is not worthy of credibility, because these statements are not well informed or aren't worthy of credibility; but when someone presents a statement against anyone from the right or some one from Uribe's side, that statement is credible. Now we understand why nobody believes in justice and the regular people in Colombia are convinced that justice is there to help the FARC guerrillas. in this country it is not clear who has destroyed the most,the guerrillas or the rampant corruption, the politicians bandits that come to a mayor's office, provincial government office and others and they steal the money from Colombians and have the people immersed in misery. WAR IS AN EVIL NECESSITY, PARTICULARLY WHEN THE TREND TOWARDS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IS SO REMOTE. THE ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCE OF TECHNOLOGIES, KNOWLEDGE AND FOREIGN MODELS MAKE US GUINEA PIGS, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT HOW MUCH FILTH AND POISON THEY HAVE CAST ON OUR SOILS, OUR ANIMALS AND OURSELVES. WITH THIS I MEAN THAT THE EVIL OF KILLING US EACH OTHER IS INHERITED FROM OUR EUROPEAN ANCESTORS AND BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITES THEN BECAUSE WE ARE MESTIZOS, MULATTOS OR ZAMBOS WE ARE MO MORE THAN SLAVES OF THEIR MODELS, THEIR SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENT AND THEREBY THE VICTIMS OF AN GENOCIDAL ECONOMIC MODEL THAT DAY AFTER DAY TENDS TO EXTINGUISH THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THOSE MARGINALIZED. A PARTICULAR CASE IS JESUS CHRIST FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, BUT THE ROMAN EMPIRE DID THIS ACCORDING TO THEIR MODEL AND CREATED REPLICAS OF A EUROPEAN MAN AND ADAPTED A SACRED TEXT THAT ONLY DEFENDS THE INTERESTS OF ITS AUTHORS; IMAGINE A CONSTITUTION WITHOUT LAWS OR WITH ONE THAT EACH TIME THERE IS A CHANGE OF MANDATE, THEY ARE ABOLISHED OR ARRANGED ACCORDING TO THE INTERESTS OF SOME INDIVIDUALS. the farc are a mafia of the oligarchy in this country. The Colombian guerrilla movement had ideals in the past; today they are a narco-terrorist group that destroys the lives and honor of a country that works to make progress; I agree that all of them should be shot... and to continue with the strategy of monetary reward, they cannot fight against that. Well done,Colombian army! Play tough with them! they deserve it!!! Drugs is everybody's problem from aspirin to morphine and cocaine, we all need drugs at any given time of our lives, some more than others, 99% of drugs are legal including alcohol, the most destructive drug. Let´s legalize coca and a laboratory is in charge of its production and distribution, paying taxes supervised by the Government. I AM NOT SURPRISED... IF THEY HAVE THE SAME CONSULTANT... JOAQUÍN VILLALOBOS.... THE FORMER FMLN GUERRILLA AND LEADER OF THE ERP.... HE ADVISED THE ANTI FARC STRATEGY, SINCE THE FORMER ADMINISTRATION AND CURRENTLY HE IS THE SECURITY ADVISER OF FELIPE CALDERÓN ... The Farc are not defeated, on the contrary, due to the blows they must be preparing to face the unquestionable asymmetry of this conflict, because while they fight with rifles, cylinder and trenches, the official forces capture their cell calls by satellite, locate them through heat emissions and unloaded upon them "softening" bombs of 500 pounds, then download the troops transported by helicopter, the "heroes of the fatherland" which fall with automatic weapons to end with what has been left with life. Apparently they are very weak, but what way to end a war is this? On the contrary, they are planting the worst part of the same war during more decades, because nobody is going to any peace process based on the humiliation. And they can also be prepared to surprise "the enemy" with the lethal use of cutting edge technology...regardless of how long they take. There is no other way than talking, have no doubt about this. Poor Mexico, if it embarks on tactics that in Colombia are considered as military dishonor and cowardice. It is one thing to pontificate from afar about something that they have not suffered and another thing is to be "useful idiot," like many who defend a FARC that have never been clear on what they want. Between a Russian-style communism and a Khmer Rouge style Marxism. Where has the "earthly paradise" of Cuba led them. The majority of the FARC is unexperienced and illiterate, the ones that studied are comfortable in procuresses republics enjoying the money from kidnapping and narco. They had their chance in the Caguán, but since they did not know how to explain their ideas and because of their arrogance, they lost their chance. If misery were the issue, there would be a huge war in the India. It is important that those who talk so much bullshit review our history. It's a shame I'm not rich, otherwise I would invite those who preach in favour of the FARC to our fields so that they could see how peasants risk their lives on a daily basis with the "minefields" planted in almost 70 per cent of our territory by the "friends" of Justice, which mutilate,kill, etc. In the territories that they had control over for many years there is not one ingle school, not a hospital, they prefer to bury "huacas" with thousands and thousands of millions of dollars, and the poor people, as the leftists says, did not receive any aid but destruction, and death. The right-wing governments are not the only ones that steal,look at the Chavistas. If somebody does not belong to the "inner circle" he's lost. Then, why did Mao carry out the cultural revolution? Our greatest social problem has not been poverty but the earth. Democracy, with all its failures, is the best form of Government. If you believe that by using a political symbol, it is possible to kill and to kidnap, then you are not thinking. Long live Uribe!!! I WONDER NOW DO IF WAR HAS NOT BEEN A BUSINESS FOR THE GOVERNMENT FOR A LONG TIME...? It is odd that a country with such powerful friends as the United States has not requested help to eliminate these criminals as it has done with others. War is a very lucrative business for a few and a disgrace for many, especially for the lower classes of society. If the farc guerrillas are eliminated, what guarantee do we have that right there and then another movement appears, just to have them our military leaders amuzed and with good wages. Corruption has been and will be the flag of our leaders. Can we expect something positive from everything they do?