Colombians Already Miss Brazil

Colombians Already Miss Brazil

By Dialogo
July 23, 2011

The 5th Military World Games have yet to be finished, yet the Colombian athletes are already feeling nostalgia for Brazil and want to come back soon. At least that’s the opinion of the track team in the which didn’t win any medals, but garnered sympathy wherever they went.

“We’re here to open borders. The country is beautiful and people are very friendly. We trained very hard to get here, but if we didin’t win any medals, at least we want to win friends. As they say in Brazil I’m dying of nostalgia,” said Lt. Sinis Tera, who represented Colombia in the 400 meters at the Joao Havelange Stadium, known as the” Engenhão. “

Tera noted that although he played sports at school as a student, it was in the army where he really developed her skills. He became two-time world champion of cadets in Ankara, Turkey. “I tried to do the same here, but the level of competition is much higher. It was a great surprise to me. I know I have to return to Colombia and train harder. The good thing is that I got a lot of experience and great memories,” he said.

Meanwhile, Corporal Jorge Luis Moreno, who competed in the triple jump, says he’ll miss the good food, the beautiful scenery and the staging of the Games. “I really didn’t expect much. Everything was well organized and it shows that Brazil is not where they are just by chance. It also shows that military forces don’t exist just for war but for peace and sports as well,” Moreno said.

For Moreno, the nostalgia will be replaced by memories of a country that, according to his point of view, is very much like Colombia in the kindness of people. “I do not think anyone who has participated in these games can forget them, and I hope that other Latin American countries, especially Colombia, follow the example of Brazil and celebrate the World Military Games,” Moreno said.