Colombian Warrant Officer Castaño To Give Up Fencing For Flying

Colombian Warrant Officer Castaño To Give Up Fencing For Flying

By Dialogo
July 20, 2011

At 22, Warrant Officer Fabio Andres Castaño has a dream: to become a pilot for the Colombian Air Force. This dream will come at a cost since it will keep him from fencing competitions, a passion he developed when he first entered the military four years ago.

The 5th Military World Games have become a beautiful farewell party for Castaño, who had never competed in any international tournament. The chance to compete alongside other South Americans, Europeans and Asians is an experience the Colombian is intensely enjoying.

“For me, this tournament is wonderful, but my goal is to become a pilot, which is more important than being a fencer,” said Castaño, who in two months, begins his flying lessons. “I’m happy to be here, but my goal is to fly,” he added.

Castaño says he will retire from competitions, but try to continue fencing. “If I stay in Bogota or Cali, where the sport is practiced, I’ll continue to train, but I’ll focus on my studies,” said the Colombian, who competed in the foil category.

Castaño reached the second knockout stage in fourth place out of 32 fencers, but was defeated 15 to 12 by Jufri Jufri of Indonesia.

The loss to the Indonesian is not Castaño’s last event at the Games. He’ll compete again on Friday (July 22) in the team foil category.