Colombian President Accuses the FARC of Committing Terrorist Acts

By Dialogo
June 17, 2011

On 15 June, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos accused the FARC of committing “terrorist” acts, after an attack by that criminal organization, using machine guns and homemade rockets, left two civilians dead and nine wounded in the country’s south.

“That’s what they’re doing: they go to some location, throw a grenade, and run away, or they attack the civilian population. These are cowardly actions that demonstrate the difficult situation that this terrorist group is experiencing,” Santos said at a public event in the town of Chigordó (in northwestern Colombia).

“When someone turns to terrorism, it’s because he’s weakened, because he’s backed into a corner,” affirmed Santos, who said that his administration will continue combatting that criminal organization “on all fronts” in order to “continue weakening it.”

After attributing the FARC’s “terrorist” acts to a strategy intended to demonstrate that “they’re alive,” Santos said, “in effect, they are alive, causing terrorism, which is perhaps the easiest and the most cowardly of crimes.”

The ‘Teófilo Forero’ column, an elite group of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), attacked the town of Puerto Rico, in the department of Caquetá (in southern Colombia), according to the local authorities.

In the attack, perpetrated using machine guns, homemade rockets, and explosives placed on the road leading into the town, two civilians died as a result of an explosive charge, and another nine people were wounded, including two soldiers.