Colombian Police Will Pay for Videos and Photos Depicting Criminal Activity

By Dialogo
May 17, 2013

The Colombian National Police Office for Citizen Security has created an email address to send videos and photographs showing criminal activity, such as the sale of drugs and theft against people, households, and commercial premises.

The email address for this purpose is, and it will be monitored 24/7.

The videos received will be presented formally to authorities, for the purpose of prosecuting those involved in the crimes.

This initiative will contribute significantly to the development of legal investigations. In fact, it is expected to increase the number of captures attained so far.

In terms of microtrafficking, 30,781 people who were involved in various stages of the criminal chain for trafficking hallucinogens in small quantities were captured in 2013,.

Depending on how useful the videos prove in the investigation, the authors might be rewarded with bonuses specified in the compensation plan of the National Police.

I request that you investigate a house on Calle 11 Sur N 20-37 from Santa Ysabel de Neiva. The neighbors are concerned due to the high consumption of hallucinogens by its residents and others that come in from the street to consume. And the worst thing is that there are several underage kids. I'd appreciate you taking action in this matter, since this has always been an area of good morals.