Colombian Police Have Seized More Than 600 Tons of Illicit Drugs in 2010

By Dialogo
December 30, 2010

The Colombian anti-narcotics police have seized more than six hundred tons of illicit drugs so far in 2010, according to their commander, Gen. César Augusto Pinzón.

According to a summary of the year’s activities, seizures of cocaine came to 73.6 tons; coca paste and basuco (made from byproducts of cocaine production), 32.5 tons; marijuana, 222.7 tons; and heroin, 290 kilos.

According to the anti-narcotics police, these seizures represent 3.9472 billion dollars in losses for the drug-trafficking organizations.

General Pinzón did not report the amount of drugs seized in 2009.

He highlighted that 1,014 Colombians and 143 foreigners were arrested in anti-drug operations in 2010, 35 of whom were sought for extradition, in the majority of cases by the United States.

With regard to the eradication of coca, poppy, and marijuana crops, the report indicated that 101,171 hectares planted with coca were eradicated by spraying and another 42,491 by hand, while 706 hectares of poppies and 207 hectares of marijuana plants were also eradicated by hand.

In addition, 1,391 laboratories for narcotics processing were destroyed, and fifteen tons of various chemical precursors used for this purpose were seized.

Eighteen clandestine airstrips used by drug traffickers were also destroyed, and 265 aircraft and 356 boats of all kinds were seized.