Colombian Peace Talks to Resume on April 23

By Dialogo
April 22, 2013

Peace talks between the Colombian government and the communist guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) will resume on April 23, after a one-month recess, both parties said in a statement issued in Havana.

Peace talks started on November 19, 2012, and have been suspended since March 21. So far, only the first point of the five-point agenda was addressed: the agrarian issue.

The parties reported that a Citizen’s Forum will be held in Colombia from April 28 – 30, in order to address the second point on the agenda: political participation, organized by both the UN and a public university.

“We are working to fulfill the expectations of society on a prompt agreement, as well as to fulfill the national quest of reaching stable and lasting peace,” to put an end to the armed conflict that has been going on for almost half a century, the parties said.

Both the FARC and the Colombian government, admitted that progress has been made in the agrarian issue, although they pointed out that the results will not be revealed until the end of the talks, when they reach a peace agreement.

On April 8, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that he expects to reach a peace agreement “within months.”