Colombian Pacific Naval Force Seizes Cocaine in South Pacific

Colombian Pacific Naval Force Seizes Cocaine in South Pacific

By Dialogo
December 13, 2011

In a powerful offensive against drug trafficking, troops from Colombia’s 4th Marine River Brigade, with support from Coast Guard units from Tumaco Station, struck a telling blow against narco-terrorist organizations in the Pacific.

More than 1,130 kilos of cocaine were seized on December 10 by troops from the 4th Marine Brigade, in a jungle area of the Colombian South Pacific region.

More than 1000 packages of pressed cocaine, gathered in 57 bundles ready for transport, were found inside a hiding-place three meters wide and two meters long.

This was achieved with the support of Colombian Coast Guard units who conducted effective military surveillance patrols in the area together with the Marine troops, in the sector known as Gallo Island, off the coast of the municipality of Sala Honda.

By conducting these offensive operations against drug trafficking, the Pacific Naval Force succeeded in preventing the influx of around 34 million dollars, the contraband’s price on the international black market, into the financial structures of the narco-terrorist organizations engaged in criminal activity in Colombia’s Pacific region.

The illegal substance seized was subjected to the Standardized Preliminary Initial Test by the competent authorities, who determined that it was highly pure cocaine. The substance was destroyed on site.

So far in 2011, more than 25 tons of cocaine have already been seized in the riverine, maritime, and land areas of the Pacific coast.

The Pacific Naval Force reaffirms its commitment to the fight against narco-terrorist organizations and to weakening the range of action of extra-legal groups, at the same time that it invites the community to continue reporting, by way of the network of cooperating individuals, any kind of suspicious activity that might put the security and the lives of the inhabitants at risk.