Colombian Navy Special Forces Provide Special Operations Training To Dominican Navy Commandos

Colombian Navy Special Forces Provide Special Operations Training To Dominican Navy Commandos

By Steve Roman, Security Cooperation Division, U.S. Southern Command / Edited by Diálogo Staff
December 10, 2019

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The Colombian Navy Special Forces (COFEN, in Spanish) provided special operations training to their Dominican counterparts at Las Calderas Naval Base, on the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic, August 12-30, 2019.

The training was part of the U.S.-Colombia Action Plan (USCAP) — a regional security cooperation agreement between both countries — which objective was to enhance the capabilities of the Dominican Navy’s special forces to counter threats. The U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command had been providing training to the Dominican Navy Commandos before COFEN stepped in.

COFEN taught units of the Dominican Navy Commandos special operations processes, techniques, and procedures in counter narcotics operations. Instructors also addressed movement to contact techniques, live fire exercises, combat drills, reconnaissance techniques, first aid, communications, planning, and team organization. Teams also conducted over the beach amphibious assault operations using naval vehicles such as Boston Whaler interceptors and Zodiac inflatable rafts.

“This training has been exceptional,” said Lieutenant Commander Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, commander of the Dominican Navy Commandos. “I feel that this has been more valuable than other USCAP training we’ve received to date.”

The COFEN training will serve as a springboard for future special operations training for the Dominican Republic and other partner nations. As for the USCAP team, this special operations training represents a boost to capacity building options it offers to the region. Moving forward, future USCAP-sponsored specialized training will seek to enhance counter threat capabilities in the air, land, and sea.