Colombian Navy Seizes Drug Submersible

By Dialogo
August 02, 2012

A homemade submersible ready to be loaded with six tons of cocaine was seized by the Colombian Navy near the Gulf of Urabá (north west), that institution announced on July 30.

According to the announcement, the 20-meter-long vessel was kept in an improvised workshop that was part of a complex made up of four structures, including one with lodging for around 25 people.

A warehouse and a sector with storage for provisions and a kitchen were also found at the site.

According to the Colombian Navy, when the troops arrived at the location, they were harassed with shots, at the same time that unidentified individuals set fire to the submersible and then fled.

The armed institution attributed ownership of the vessel to “Los Urabeños,” a criminal gang in the service of drug traffickers and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group, in what it considers “a criminal alliance to send drugs to the international black market.”

The announcement specified that the submersible found in the Gulf of Urabá is the fifth of its kind seized so far this year.

In total, it concluded, 76 partially submersible and two fully submersible vessels in the service of drug traffickers have been neutralized since 1993.