Colombian National Army deals strong blows to the FARC

Colombian National Army deals strong blows to the FARC

By Dialogo
September 17, 2014

The Colombian National Army continues to foil attacks by the terrorist group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) against the civilian population.
“The FARC’s terrorist attacks against the civilian population and strategic government infrastructure are attempts to pressure the Colombian government,” said Fréderic Massé, director of the Research and Special Projects Center of the Externado University in Colombia.
But the FARC is failing. Throughout the summer, Colombian Army units succeeded in preventing various attacks the FARC planned to inflict on the civilian population.
For example, on Aug. 2, Army soldiers with the Joint Task Force Titan repelled a FARC attack on a busy street in Entrada a Guadalupe, on the road from Quibdó to the city of Medellín. Soldiers killed one FARC operative during the gun battle, according to a National Army Press Release.
The FARC operatives launched the attack after a successful military operation conducted in July. That’s when Army soldiers killed 14 members of the Front 34 of the FARC in the municipality of Vigía del Fuerte. Army soldiers also confiscated several firearms and communications equipment.

Army soldiers kill ‘Jaramillo’ of Front 32

A few weeks before Army soldiers repelled the FARC attack in Medellín, the Armed Forces struck a strong blow against the FARC by killing “Camilo Jaramillo,” the second-highest ranking leader in the FARC’s Front 32, military authorities said. Army soldiers killed Camilo Jaramillo during a military operation in July in the municipality of Puerto Caicedo, in the department of Putumayo.
During the same operation, Army soldiers seized rifles, grenades, and improvised explosive devices.
‘Camilo Jaramillo’ was wanted for the crimes of rebellion, conspiracy to commit terrorism, possession and carrying of illegal firearms and war equipment, and other offenses.
In a press conference, Gen. Jaime Lasprilla, the commander of the National Army, said the military had seized a video recording made by Front 32. In the video, Camilo Jaramillo claimed responsibility for attacks against oil facilities in the department of Putumayo.
“It is important to note that this terrorist was very close to the coordinator for the ‘southern bloc’ of the FARC, alias ‘Joaquín Gómez,’” General Lasprilla said during the press conference. “And he also was in charge of the commission for explosives, which were affecting Putumayo’s economic infrastructure.”
“The capture or death of the members and leaders of the FARC debilitate the group,” said Massé. “However, they have a chain of command that establishes who is next in line. The FARC is a pyramidal organization, but the leadership positions are very sought after.”

The Army stops attacks on the civilian population

Throughout the summer, Colombian Army units succeeded in preventing various attacks the FARC planned on inflicting against the civilian population.
On Aug. 23, units from the 27th Brigade of the Jungle neutralized three Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that authorities found near an oil well in the municipality of Puerto Asís.
Each of the improvised explosive devices contained six kilos of explosives.
The Front 48 of the FARC was responsible for placing the explosive devices near the oil well, according to a statement from the Army. The FARC planned on damaging the oil infrastructure as well as vehicles which transport petroleum from the facility.
Also during the summer, soldiers from the Special Energy Battalion N.9 deactivated three IEDs in the municipality of San Miguel. The explosives were on the side of the road that goes from Puente Internacional to La Dorada.
In Antioquía, troops of the 7th Division of the Army along with the Teams of Explosives and Demolition located and destroyed seven IEDs that FARC operatives had allegedly planted indiscriminately throughout the area.

Violent tactics by the FARC

The FARC operatives launched attacks against the civilian population and oil facilities to try to damage the country’s economy and the government, according to Massé. But Colombian security forces will remain vigilant, he said.
“Those attacks cause economic damage to private enterprise and the state,” Massé said. “The FARC will continue with these actions, and the government is improving the security of the country.”
The Colombian guerrilla force is a tragedy for the people and the government. With all that's going on with the FARC, they keep wasting time in Cuba. The ones discussing peace, I think they're fat and happy, while the Colombian people suffer the consequences. I don't understand how we get to agreements to negotiate with the biggest narco group in the Americas (FARC) Those are the FARC's incongruences and that is why the Colombian people don't believe them and Juan Manuel Santos does not say that at the U.N.. He keeps wanting his cronies to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize, nor has he or his team said where they're going to get the money for the post-conflict period if the agreements are signed. The document they wrote in Havana is deficient in many, many ways. A reform the government tried to do was add taxes it didn't work in addition they wasted a lot of money on Santos' reelection campaign. So, the future is not clear at all. May it all be for a good country When will we realize what our country's reality is? We fear some FARC terrorists who are only interested in power and they way they're going, they're going to get it, withe a Congress, a National Prosecutor, a government which in order to achieve peace will do anything. I believe they're making a mistake. The government should pressure this group more... And not let them continue to act recklessly..