Colombian Minister of Defense Inaugurates Military Clinic

Colombian Minister of Defense Inaugurates Military Clinic

By Dialogo
September 05, 2013

A health center that will provide services to about 45,000 users of the Military Forces’ health system was inaugurated by Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón.

Clínica Suroccidente, located in south western Bogotá’s Chicalá neighborhood, will assist members of the Military Forces living in that area, particularly in the towns of Bosa, Ciudad Bolívar, Tunjuelito, Kennedy and Fontibón.

This is one of the most anticipated projects by users of the Military Forces’ Health Subsystem, since it will be aimed at decentralizing medium complexity outpatient services in the capital city, helping to provide better assistance and cut down waiting lists at the Central Military Hospital.

Of all beneficiaries, 32,387 users belong to the Army’s Health Service; 5,919 belong to the National Navy; and 6,870 to the Colombian Air Force.

In addition, Clínica Suroccidente will provide basic medical and dental services, as well as orthopedics, general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, ENT, dermatology, radiology, clinical laboratory, medical imaging, and physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapies, among others.

The clinic, which is one of the various projects carried out by the Ministry of National Defense in the field of health for members of the Public Forces and their families, was built in a6,529–square-meter area. With a full-spectrum medical team and equipment, furniture and industrial equipment, the facilities include 10 general practice officers, eight dental offices, one for vaccination, and therapy, priority attention and medical imaging areas, as well as three outpatient surgery rooms.

Clínica de Suroccidente will be under the management and responsibility of the National Army’s Health Office.