Colombian Men Involved in Guinea-Bissau Drug Trafficking Ring

By Dialogo
April 15, 2013

Two Colombian men are among seven detainees arrested in a U.S. counter drug operation, in which the former chief of the Guinea-Bissau Navy “Bubo” was captured, according to official U.S. documents, which AFP obtained on April 11.

The arrests occurred during Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) operations on April 2 and 4 in West Africa and on April 5 in Colombia, based on international arrest warrants and the indictments against the seven detainees, according to a statement issued by the Prosecutor’s Office in New York.

In the first operation, Rear Admiral Jose Americo “Bubo” Na Tchuto, former chief of the Guinean Navy, who had been designated as a drug kingpin or “significant foreign narcotics trafficker” by the U.S. government in 2010, was detained in international waters off West Africa on April 2, along with two other people.

On April 4, two more Guineans were detained in another DEA operation, and were taken to New York to stand trial, according to the official sources.

During a related operation, Rafael Antonio Garavito García and Gustavo Pérez García, both Colombian nationals, were arrested in Colombia on April 5 and are expected to be extradited to the United States. They are suspected of being involved with a Guinean cocaine trafficking ring.

These arrests and transfers were possible due to the collaboration of several U.S. counter drug, legal, and diplomatic institutions with the DEA authorities in Lisbon, Portugal, and Bogotá, Colombia.

On April 4, Cape Verde agents reported they had collaborated with the United States in said operation, allowing Bubo Na Tchuto to circulate through the West African archipelago on his way to New York.