Colombian Government Launches Campaign to Encourage Militia Demobilization

By Dialogo
July 05, 2011

The Colombian government launched a campaign under the slogan of ‘Audacity and Will,’ a new demobilization strategy promoted by the Defense Ministry, and which will use the locations where troops of the Armed Forces are carrying out counterinsurgency and anti-terrorist operations as entry points for raising awareness.

The term “Audacity” is derived from the Defense Ministry’s intention to reach the most remote areas where outlaw groups commit crimes and have a presence, chiefly in the jungle areas of the country’s south and southwest.

“Will” represents the intention needed by everyone who plans and wishes to demobilize.

This strategy will be accompanied by an intense communications campaign delivered through radio messages and leaflets. One of the noteworthy aspects is that locations named “points of contact” will be chosen and identified by a national flag, where individuals who wish to demobilize can reach.

‘Audacity and Will’ was launched in the department of Caquetá, in southern Colombia, by the Defense Ministry and the military high command during the last week of June.

This campaign is badly oriented, guerrillas should be attracted with amnesty offers to reintegrate them into society, offers of land to colonize along with tools, bonds, a caw, and some birds. That is what attracts the guerrillas. Not an empty offer that reintegrates them into society just to join the ranks of the unemployed or just to become part of criminal groups to survive, with all that, a good result cannot be reached. The answer is only to carry out some politics from the Ministry of Defense.