Colombian Forces Arrest Eleven FARC Collaborators

Colombian Forces Arrest Eleven FARC Collaborators

By Dialogo
August 21, 2012

On August 17, during operation JERICHO 2, aimed at disrupting FARC’s Terrorist Support Networks (RAT), and continuing the process that began last June with a joint effort of the Southwestern Joint Command and National Police, the 6th battlefront ONT-FARC was raided once again in the Corinth and Caloto municipalities in the Cauca Department.

The operation was the result of hard work and coordinating intelligence between the National Army and the police, where they gathered strong evidence regarding the participation of at least 11 people in different terrorist actions carried out by the ONT-FARC.

These actions account for the assassination of three members of the Apollo Task Force on February 20th in the town of Palo, the Caloto municipality, where the attack with tatucos (homemade grenades) killed Mayor Dixon Castrillón, corporal Luis Enrique Rojas and soldier Mauricio Botero.

The collaboration of the state forces strengthens the work that is being done in the Northern Cauca Department to combat FARC terrorist actions, which are based on the use of unconventional explosive devices, and actions that do not require direct confrontation, therefore, these arrests are important for the destabilization of the RAT.

The investigation was conducted as a result of the comprehensive search for information, through the effective management of human sources with access to areas intruded by terrorist groups who commit frequent criminal acts, such as selective killings, forced displacement, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and attacks on military and police units.

Those arrested are being brought before a judge for Control of Guarantees to answer for the alleged crimes they are accused of.