Colombian Drug Dealer ‘Fritanga’ Awaits Extradition to United States

By Dialogo
October 15, 2012

BOGOTÁ — Colombians can’t stop talking about the contrasting lifestyles of two prominent drug traffickers who went to great lengths in order to conceal their identities — but got caught anyway.
Daniel Barrera, known as “El Loco,” or The Crazy One, ranked among the world’s most wanted drug traffickers. He kept a very low profile in Venezuela and had even tried to erase his fingerprints by burning them in acid to confuse authorities. On the other extreme, Camilo Torres enjoyed the good life and flaunted his wealth. He successfully faked his own death but later gave himself away by throwing an over-the-top wedding party on a Caribbean island.
Torres now sits in a cramped prison cell in northern Colombia awaiting extradition to the United States on drug charges. “The guy is all set to be extradited, a spokesman for the Colombian Attorney General’s office told Diálogo. “He has been notified.”
A high-ranking member of the Urabeños drug trafficking organization, Torres was known as “Fritanga,” or Fry-up, for his custom of entertaining guests with huge platters of fried meats, a Colombian specialty known as fritanga.
On July 1, Colombian police raided Torres’ wedding party held at the Punta Faro Hotel, located the island of Múcura in the Gulf of Morosquillo. The region is notorious for the constant stream of drug-laden vessels departing for Central America.
Hotel raid marked Fritanga’s second arrest since 2008
The luxury hotel — where rooms cost between $300 and $700 a night — sits near an abandoned mansion that once belonged to Salvatore Mancuso, a former paramilitary strongman extradited to the United States in 2008. Paramilitaries kidnapped nine people from the island in 2000.
According to one source, the Punta Faro’s owners at first had no clue they were hosting the wedding party of a drug trafficker.
Torres and his bride-to-be had stayed at the hotel twice before and seemed like a normal couple. But by the third day of the wedding, the hotel was jammed with big-name musicians, TV actors and prostitutes among the more than 200 guests — and the owners began to suspect something was amiss. Torres had paid half the hotel and wedding charges in advance, but the owners were left stuck with the rest of the bill after the drug dealer was hauled away in handcuffs.
It was the second time Torres had been arrested. In 2008 he was detained on narcotics charges but later was released. He then fell off the radar after he faked his death in 2010 by convincing a doctor to forge a death certificate.
It now turns out that the doctor, Augusto Gallego, who was captured Aug. 7, may have helped at least two other drug traffickers and paramilitary leaders fake their own deaths to avoid capture.
Faking death a popular tactic among drug kingpins
In fact, the Bogotá think tank Insight Crime says pretending to be dead is one of the best ways for traffickers to avoid detection. After the former head of Mexico’s Juárez cartel, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, died during a botched plastic surgery operation in 1997, many Mexicans believed that the kingpin had staged his own death and was still at large.
More recently, Insight Crime noted, some experts have posited that alias “El Chayo,” the leader of the Familia Michoacana drug cartel, might have faked his death too. He was killed in a shootout with Mexican police in 2010 but his body was never found. Though there’s no proof, there is speculation that “El Chayo” may have simulated his death in order to clandestinely assume control of the Knights Templar cartel.
Faking death worked for Fritanga as well — until he gave himself away on his wedding night. By contrast, Barrera, known as El Loco for his violent mood swings, tried to confuse Colombian authorities by changing his identity.
He had worked with both FARC guerrillas and paramilitaries over the past 20 years to build up a huge drug-trafficking network in Colombia. Local press reports say Barrera amputated the right finger of one of his dead brothers in order to legalize financial and commercial documents without being detected. But as law enforcement officials closed in in the late 2000s, he moved across the border to Venezuela.
Barrera kept a low profile in Venezuela
Unlike Torres, Barrera assumed a modest lifestyle during his time in Venezuela. He passed himself off at a local rancher and often stayed at a cheap guesthouse in the border city of San Cristóbal, which is also the birthplace of Ilich Ramirez Sánchez, the terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal.
Barrera eschewed bodyguards and instead moved around with a female companion who doubled as his driver. He also used pay phones rather than mobile phones.
According to Colombian police, Barrera had had extensive facial surgery and had shed many pounds in order to change his appearance. He even tried to burn off his fingerprints with acid in a frying pan.
“He was very gracious and kept to himself,” a guesthouse employee told London’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. “He was a generous tipper and did not want to be bothered. We had noticed the marks on his hands, but never imagined he had deliberately burned himself.”
Barrera’s disappearing act came to an end in September when Colombian authorities detected his presence in San Cristóbal and alerted Venezuelan authorities. They proceeded to tap 69 public phones which Barrera was thought to use to contact his businesses associates and family, said Venezuelan Interior Minister Tarek el Aissami.
Venezuelan authorities arrested Barrera on Sep. 18 as he was speaking from a pay phone. At the time of his capture, he was carrying a false Colombian ID in the name of José Tomás Lucumi Popo. Afterwards, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos hailed the downfall of Barrera, calling him “the last of the great capos.”
In both cases even though they have tried to evade justice, they were captured because of their own errors. The intelligence of our police is definitely #1 The real truth is that these two players, Fritanga and El Loco are first division and we have to praise them and let them enjoy but well quiet, total they are not immortal and now in a prison they are much more dangerous because they have too much time to think, to organize and to carry out what they want. Also with this is achieved something that benefits society. I think that we that work and put the shoulder to the heavy burden of doing things the legal way, we do benefit at all and those living off this will not abandon their activities. On the contrary, by having less strong competition they will strengthen. Let us stop fucking with drugs, space travel, succulent salaries and let´s try that many people that is fighting every day live better. Greetings from Uruguay, from a worker that works 16 hours per day as a baker and is always struggling to stay afloat. If human beings were more equitable regarding the distribution of economic wealth and each household could get decent housing, stable employment and be well paid in order to be able to meet the primary needs of their maintenance, in addition to a good education and effective coverage of health services, no one would have to be devoted to drug trafficking or to any illegal activity. I can assure you that. Learn to raise the child, so that you don't have to punish the adult! Whatever they say, the world is rotten because of the vices of corrupt humanity and respect for others. This world won´t change because of the double standard of human beings. In spite of everything it is necessary to depurate the armed forces so that all corrupts be taken out. This is why there are still many narcos loose in the street doing evil to humanity and creating their own clan of richness. amimope The world is rotten because of politicians who are some scourges of shit. That´s why we are as we are, not only as result of drugs but because politicians seek that the world becomes so ugly. What can a system produce when it is in decline and therefore its social diseases manifest forcefully? The system itself is a factory of criminals, some fall and others appear; a large vicious circle until the end of capitalism. There is not a big difference between these two criminals and the mother-in-law of queen Valery Dominguez that pays an annual tax of $58.000 pesos for an estate of 777 acres in Ginebra, Valle del Cauca. (Daniel Coronel) Well it is true, if wealth was not so badly distributed and if we were not so ambitious, many things could be avoided. For example these people who work for the capos do so because they like the easy life and others do it because of their ignorance. Capos are clever, they know the need of common man and take advantage of that, because a person with his senses and no pressure, with a normal lifestyle and above all intelligent, is not going to be involved in something they know that the only way to escape from is by death or jail...
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