Colombian Army dismantles 7 alleged FARC drug labs

By Dialogo
September 05, 2014

The Colombian Army dismantled seven cocaine-producing laboratories and seized nearly 4,000 kilograms of cocaine, while authorities in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica also confiscated significant amounts of drugs.
Colombian Army soldiers found the drug laboratories in the southern department of Caquetá. Authorities suspect the laboratories belonged to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia’s (FARC) 15th Front. Soldiers from the Sixth Division’s Special Operations Unit discovered hundreds of chemicals and equipment used to turn coca into cocaine inside the laboratories, the Army said on Sept. 2. No arrests were made in any of the operations.
The destruction of the labs are the latest successes by Colombian security forces, who are carrying out a President Juan Manuel Santos’ strategy of strong enforcement throughout the country and at seaports. For example, in August, agents with the Coast Guard Station Santa Marta and the Magdalena’s Technical Investigation Corps Prosecutors Office seized 40 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a shipment of coal on a Liberian-flagged ship in the port municipality of Ciénaga. The vessel, the “Ping May,” had arrived from England and was bound for the Netherlands when agents found 40 packages of cocaine.
It was the second time in less than a month that Colombian security forces seized cocaine on a ship transporting coal in the department of Magdalena. Coast Guard and CTI agents seized 246 kilograms of the drug from a Panamanian-flagged vessel that had arrived from Canada and was anchored at Puerto Drummond in Ciénaga. That ship was also destined for the Netherlands.
And on Aug. 22, Colombian police confiscated 1.3 tons of cocaine belonging to the México-based Sinaloa Cartel. Gen. Ricardo Alberto Restrepo Londoño head of the counter-narcotics division, announced the seizure. The cocaine was on a ship departing from the Pacific port of Buenaventura and was destined for the Guatemalan port of Quetzal. .

Drug interdiction in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD) seized 219 packets of white powder from a vessel along the coast of the province of San Pedro de Macorís. Authorities will test the powder, which they believe is cocaine or heroin.
Security forces discovered the bags of powder on a fishing boat allegedly used by a narco-trafficking ring to transport drugs between South America and the Dominican Republic. DNCD agents arrested a 33-year-old man who resides in the San Pedro de Macorís neighborhood of La Punta, though another suspected trafficker evaded authorities by swimming to shore.

Drug arrests in Costa Rica

Costa Rican security forces captured two Costa Ricans and a U.S. resident during a raid of a hydroponic marijuana laboratory (Plants growing in water.)
Drug Control Police made the arrests during a raid on a hydroponic marijuana laboratory in Coyol in the province of Alajuela, the Public Security Ministry said on Sept. 1.
A “narco clan” allegedly ran the laboratory, according to the Interior Ministry. Security forces found buckets with marijuana residue and fertilizer inside the laboratory, which was located inside a residence. Police seized 256 grams of processed marijuana and a marijuana plant, in addition to $900 (USD) in cash and three vehicles, Public Security Vice Minister Gustavo Mata told the Costa Rican newspaper The Tico Times.
The FARCs still deny being drug traffickers. They are the worst kind of delinquents. The FARC is a cynical organization, who says does not do drug trafficking while evidence shows something else, all they do is brag about helping the people. Lies, they are assassins, who want to put an end to the little wealth we have; these gentlemen should be in jail paying for their crimes.