Colombian Army Destroys 10 FARC Explosives Factories

Colombian Army Destroys 10 FARC Explosives Factories

By Dialogo
April 08, 2013

Colombian Army Soldiers managed to locate and destroy a targeted factory of improvised explosive devices that belonged to mobile support faction “Jacobo Arenas” of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), who use homemade bombs as a form of intimidation, an Army spokesman said on April 4.

The explosives factory had the capacity of manufacturing great quantities of explosive artifacts, mines and artisan grenades, to be used in terrorist attacks in different municipalities in the north of Cauca department.

Four bulks of material used in explosives, including splinters to inflict further damage, 90 gallons of black gunpowder for manufacturing explosives, 120 tar plates weighing 200 grams each, and 24 one-meter-long iron tubes to launch cluster bombs were destroyed at the site.

By using improvised explosive devices to perpetrate indiscriminate acts of violence, the FARC faction spreads fear among the civilian population, resulting in thousands of victims who suffer the indelible consequences left by explosives.

The Colombian Army has succeeded in counter terrorist actions in northern Cauca department and has found areas in which all kinds of explosives, which are distributed and planted by the FARC and their support networks in several regional areas, are manufactured, causing irreversible damage among peasants, indigenous populations, and soldiers.

The change in conducting wars was going from seeking direct confrontation with the guerrilla in order to achieve its military defeat to the employment of SUN TZU's Art of irregular War technique -using intelligence to see all the weaknesses, to know when to strike them, to leverage the combat areas by avoiding ambushes and performing civil-military actions to win the support of the civil population which is vital for planning operations. It took long to make this change since the Colombian army was very attached to its war experiences in Korea, under the U.S. army doctrines which resulted in the defeat in Vietnam, before an army, without U.S. military equipment but with the great experience of Mao and its guerrilla in China, using the experiences of the SUN TZU's the art of war, which is still valid today, especially in the fight against the insurgent, made in Cuba.