Colombian and Ecuadorean Navies Agree to Exchange Information

By Dialogo
April 18, 2012

The Colombian and Ecuadorean Navies have agreed to exchange information with a view toward combatting illicit activities along the maritime border between the two countries, the Ecuadorean service’s national director of aquatic spaces, Rear Admiral Luis Chávez, announced on April 16.

The measure will make it possible “to engage in exhaustive monitoring in both countries, especially in the case of theft of motorboats,” the officer indicated in a statement.

He added that the action originated in a binational coordination meeting of the border port captaincies, held last week in Esmeraldas (in northwestern Ecuador), where shared problems were evaluated.

Chávez said that in addition, communications protocols and mechanisms for when vessels and crew members from other countries are apprehended were established, as well as plans to hold a binational search-and-rescue exercise in Colombia during the second half of 2012.

So far this year, the Colombian Navy has detained a dozen Ecuadorean-flagged fishing vessels for being in Colombian Pacific waters illegally.