Colombia to Charge Militants for Crimes against Humanity

By Dialogo
August 01, 2013

Colombia will charge 13 right-wing paramilitary chiefs and three leftist rebel chiefs with crimes against humanity for some of the worst atrocities in decades of civil strife.

“We are talking about 16 crimes in which there were approximately 3,000 people killed. And the attorney general’s office will be addressing 11,000 cases of serious rights violations,” the country’s top prosecutor Eduardo Montealegre told a news conference.

He said that the guerrillas would be charged for war crimes, mainly kidnapping. The paramilitaries’ crimes covered a broader range, from kidnappings to sexual abuse to attacks on entire towns, he said.

It is all part of the vast legal groundwork necessary as the South American nation edges closer to peace.

Bogotá is undergoing peace negotiations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the largest and longest-fighting insurgency in Latin America.