Colombia Seizes Cocaine Headed for France

By Dialogo
February 07, 2012

Colombian authorities seized 105 kilos of cocaine camouflaged in boxes of flowers that were going to be exported to Paris, the anti-narcotics police announced.

The cocaine was found in the cargo area of Bogotá’s Eldorado Airport, in 20 boxes out of a total of 46 containing flowers coming from the Colombian city of Medellín and headed for the French capital.

Colonel Pedro Rodelo, director of the anti-narcotics police’s ports and airports division, told reporters that with the seizure, “the distribution of more than 100,000 hits of cocaine on European streets was prevented,” and he estimated the value of the merchandise at 3.5 million euros (4.6 million dollars).

The police announcement refrained from identifying the firm that shipped the flowers in Medellín and the intended recipient in Paris, due to the investigation that was initiated in order to establish the veracity of the shipment’s sender and receiver.