Colombia Seizes 226 Kilos of Cocaine from FARC

Colombia Seizes 226 Kilos of Cocaine from FARC

By Dialogo
August 30, 2013

Four vehicles, 226 kilos of cocaine, four motorcycles, and a pistol with ammunition that belonged to the FARC’s 6th Front, were seized in a joint inter-institutional operation by troops of the Colombian Army’s Third Brigade, members of the Attorney General’s Research Technical Corps, and the Colombian Air Force’s 7th Air Combat Command in northern Cauca on August 28. In addition, five people were captured at the scene, which took place at a ranch located north of Cauca department.

Individuals opened fire against military members and judicial agents, and then escaped when the severity of the operation became evident. When the troops and agents entered the building, an inspection was carried out, and 226 packs weighing a kilo each were found in the double bottom of a pick-up truck parked near three other vehicles and four motorcycles abandoned by the narco-terrorists.

Furthermore, two hideouts under the floor were found in one of the rooms of the buildings. One of the hideouts was at least 15 centimeters wide and made of concrete, and it was used for the installation of a floodgate with a complex electronic security system. Another small shelter approximately three meters long and 1.5 meters wide was found near the room. These hideouts were not only used to hide drug cargos, but could also have been used to hold hostages.

Moreover, uniforms from the National Penitentiary Institution and of a well-known telecommunications company were also found, as well as a microwave oven, a metal door, concrete bulks, tape rolls, and plastic bags.

This stash valued in $1.5 billion pesos (approx. U.S. $772 million), the vehicles, the material and the captured individuals were brought to justice for their prosecution.