Colombia, Peru, and Brazil Agree on Joint Military Actions on the Border

Colombia, Peru, and Brazil Agree on Joint Military Actions on the Border

By Dialogo
October 25, 2010

Colombia, Peru and Brazil have decided to carry out joint operations against drug traffickers and guerrillas in their shared border in the Amazon - operations that have been undertaken before on a bilateral basis.

“We have decided that in the future, we will carry out three-way operations
to fight drug trafficking and terrorism on our shared border,” said Gen. Francisco
Contreras, chair of the joint chiefs of staff of the Peruvian armed forces, at the
conclusion of a meeting with his counterparts Edgar Celi (Colombia) and Jose Carlos
de Nardi (Brazil) in the Colombian border town of Leticia.

According to Contreras, such operations have already been carried out with
good results, but only bilaterally, Colombia with Peru and Colombia with
During the four-hour meeting held on 21 October, the military commanders
fleshed out the details of mechanisms for border cooperation and strengthened the
ties among the armed forces of the three countries, the Brazilian general de Nardi

The Colombian admiral Celi emphasized that at the meeting “cooperation
mechanisms to protect the border region were set in place, and communication
channels were established to close the three-way border to crime and drug

In addition, he stressed that from now on, “the exchange of information and
of training and skills development for the members of the armed forces of the three
countries” will play a larger role.

“Beyond increasing our footprint in the region, it’s a matter of establishing
more effective mechanisms for cooperation and work,” he said.
According to military sources, the three countries have assigned nearly
3,000 military personnel to the Amazonian border region, of which the largest
component belongs to Colombia with around 1,600, followed by Peru with nearly 1,000
and Brazil with around 450.