Colombia, Panama to collaborate on border control

By Dialogo
September 10, 2010

Panamanian Defense Minister Jose Raul Mulino stated on September 7 that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) use the common border between Colombia and Panama to smuggle weapons and drugs, making it a problem common to both countries.

During a meeting with his Colombian counterpart Rodrigo Rivera on September 7, Mulino said that a common effort between the two is needed in the fight against the guerrillas, according to Xinhua.

For this, both representatives agreed to strengthen collaboration to combat the illegal armed groups on their 266-kilometer border in the region known as the Darien.

“We began discussing a protocol on security and cooperation for the border line that is conducive to social, economic and cultural integration and will become an armored line against all kinds of transnational crimes,” said Rivera, according to the same report.

Rivera concluded that the military operations to counter illegal armed groups will be jointly planned with Panama.

Because the Darien Gap is the one break in the Pan-American Highway, it is a heavily forested and underdeveloped region between both countries where there are no roads, making overland travel very difficult.