Colombia Neutralizes 10 FARC Dissidents

Colombia Neutralizes 10 FARC Dissidents

By Pedro Hurtado Cánepa/Diálogo
October 28, 2021

An air strike by special commandos of the Colombian Military Forces neutralized 10 dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish), in the Morichal municipality, Guainía department, near the border with Brazil, on September 27, 2021.

“We dealt a tough blow to a leader, the second-in-command of those FARC dissidents [led by] the criminal alias Iván Mordisco,” Colombian Minister of Defense Diego Molano told the Colombian newspaper El Espectador. “He used rivers as a narcotrafficking highway. With this operation, we’ve captured 126 dissidents and seized 50 weapons, 225 kilograms of coca base paste, and 664 kg of cocaine.”

The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Police took part in the operation. Among the neutralized criminals was Jaider Steven Cisneros, alias Mono Ferney, the alleged second-in-command of Néstor Gregorio Vera, alias Iván Mordisco, one of the main dissident leaders, said Army General Luis Fernando Navarro, commander of the Colombian Military Forces.

Molano said that the dissident group was in a recruitment and forced recruitment phase in that area of the country, where indigenous communities live. He added that alias Mono Ferney was in charge of “expanding” the crimes of the FARC dissidents in Guaviare, Vichada, and Guainía departments, in the area bordering Venezuela and Brazil, in addition to creating a route for narcotrafficking through those countries.

The criminal group that alias Iván Mordisco led rejected the peace agreement that the Colombian government and the FARC signed in 2016. “It never entered the peace process, and it tried to increase the number of dissidents,” Molano added.

According to the Colombian newspaper La Nación, there are nearly 2,500 combatants who did not join the 2016 peace agreement and who continue their illicit narcotrafficking, illegal mining, and extortion activities.