Colombia, Honduras and the U.S. Begin Joint Anti-Drug Drills

By Dialogo
September 02, 2010

Naval forces from Colombia, Honduras and the United States, joined on August 31 for a series of combined anti-drug trafficking military exercises.

The drills will last three days and include participants from the Colombian National Army, the Honduran patrol ship “Tegucigalpa”, and the U.S. Coast Guard ship “Escanaba” and are taking place in the Colombian island of San Andres, reported Xinhua.

The “Tegucigalpa” brought 26 Honduran navy members onboard as well as radars, GPS and echo-sound devices to participate in the exercise, while 100 crew members are aboard the U.S. ship “Escanaba”, which is equipped with a helicopter and high-technology tools.

The drill includes training the Colombian navy coastguards and comparing notes on the fight against narco-trafficking.

Commander Jesus Benitez, from Honduras, said the exercise is a valuable opportunity to promote the fight against drug-trafficking, which needs the support of many countries, according to the same report.

“This is an opportunity for the strategy against drug-trafficking to stay valid among different countries affected by drug trafficking in our waters,” concluded Commander Benitez in the report.