Colombia Develops New Mine-Detection System

Colombia Develops New Mine-Detection System

By Dialogo
January 27, 2012

Industria Militar de Colombia (INDUMIL) and the University of the Andes have developed the first dual mine detector based on Colombian technology, which will enable the Armed Forces to locate mines manufactured with metal and improvised explosive devices planted by terrorist groups.

According to a statement by the Colombian Defense Ministry, an interdisciplinary group of professors, researchers, and master’s and doctoral students at the University of the Andes, together with INDUMIL, has been developing the project since 2009, integrating ground-penetrating radar and a metal detector into a single piece of equipment.

Metal detectors are traditionally used to locate mines and work by detecting the metal content of an object. Still, it is common today to encounter improvised explosive devices that do not contain metal materials, hence the importance of integrating another technology that can make it possible to obtain subsoil images.

With the execution of this project, the Colombian defense industry will continue to fulfill the strategic imperatives of expanding its portfolio of products and developing national capabilities by supporting the training of master’s and doctoral students. At the same time, the country is taking a significant step in technological development aimed at saving lives.

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