Colombia Destroys Crystallization Workshops for Cocaine Production

Colombia Destroys Crystallization Workshops for Cocaine Production

By Dialogo
July 25, 2012

Colombian National Navy units located and destroyed two crystallization workshops in the department of Nariño (west) with the capacity to produce approximately four tons of cocaine hydrochloride and house 15 people.

The crystallization workshops were found by units of the Anti-Drug-Trafficking Task Force in San Sebastián, a rural area in the municipality of Salahonda, Nariño department, Colombia.

In the structures, 6,325 kilos of solid raw materials were found and destroyed, including chopped coca leaves, lime, lye, and sodium hypochlorite, along with 1,165 gallons of liquids, such as gasoline and sulfuric acid. Scales, hydraulic presses, electric pumps, generators, communications equipment, and tools used to process cocaine were also found.

So far this year, the Pacific Naval Force has located and destroyed 84 structures, including crystallization workshops, laboratories, and rustic kitchens for the production of the alkaloid.