Colombia Designates Former Justice as New Ambassador to Ecuador

By Dialogo
December 03, 2010

The Colombian government has designated the lawyer Fernando Arboleda, a former justice of the Supreme Court of Justice and university professor, as its new ambassador to Ecuador, President Juan Manuel Santos announced in Bogotá.

“Arboleda is a very well-known jurist. He was president of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, a very respected lawyer, and in addition, he’s had a very significant connection to and relations with Ecuador, especially in the academic world,” emphasized Santos, who took office on 7 August.

Bogotá and Quito fully restored their diplomatic relations last week in Guyana, during the summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), when Santos and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa agreed on the rapid designation of their respective ambassadors.

Correa’s administration broke off ties with Bogotá following the Colombian bombing of a FARC camp on Ecuadorean territory on 1 March 2008, in which twenty-five people died, including the guerrilla group’s second-ranking leader, Raúl Reyes.

Quito imposed conditions on Bogotá for the full normalization of ties, including that Colombian authorities turn over the computers seized from the guerrilla leader Reyes and information on the operation against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).