Colombia: Coast Guard confiscates 1,158 kilograms of cocaine

By Dialogo
September 24, 2012

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – The Coast Guard arrested three suspects in connection with the confiscation of 1,158 kilograms (2,553 pounds) of cocaine found inside two boats in the Caribbean Sea, the Navy said on Sept. 23.
Coast Guard members found 160 kilograms (352.7 pounds) of cocaine hidden in the false bottom of a boat docked in the municipality of Turbo in the department of Antioquia. Three suspects were arrested on narco-trafficking charges, the Navy said in a statement.
The second operation occurred in the department of Córdoba, where 998 kilograms (2,200.2 pounds) were seized off a boat, according to the Navy.
The Navy has confiscated more than 35 tons of cocaine in the Colombian Caribbean so far this year.
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