Colombia Arrests Leaders of Submarine Cocaine Ring

By Dialogo
August 04, 2011

Colombian authorities have captured two leaders of a 20-ton-per-year cocaine operation that sent drug-laden submarines to the United States, local police said on 3 August.

“As a result of an investigation of more than six years, the national police captured two of those responsible for sending cocaine to North America using self-propelled, semi-submersible vessels, with (shipments) averaging 20 tons of drugs annually,” the police said in a statement.

Colombia, where drug traffickers take advantage of dense jungles and forests and a weak state presence in some areas, has received millions of dollars in aid from Washington to fight cocaine output, leftist rebels and cartels.

Colombia’s new criminal gangs – made up of a kaleidoscope of former paramilitary commanders, ex-cartel members and others – ship tons of cocaine monthly through Central America and Mexico to the United States and to a lesser extent to Europe.