Colombia Arrests Drug Trafficker Sought for Extradition by Peru

By Dialogo
March 15, 2011

Colombian drug trafficker Aníbal Zapata, who escaped from a Peruvian prison in February 2009, has been arrested by the Colombian police, that institution announced.

Zapata, who was serving a sentence for drug trafficking in Peru and was sought by Interpol, was detained in the Colombian city of Medellín (400 km northwest of Bogotá).

Zapata was made available to the Colombian Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, the Peruvian authorities were informed of his arrest so that they can start extradition procedures, the Colombian police indicated in a statement.

The Colombian drug trafficker had been arrested by the Peruvian authorities in January 2008, in a residence in Lima where he was hiding a shipment of 128 kilos of cocaine, valued at 4.5 million dollars.

His escape from prison took place through an alleged fraud, by means of the presentation of a false habeas corpus ruling and order, the Colombian police indicated.