Colombia Arrests Alleged Drug Trafficker Sought by the United States

By Dialogo
January 20, 2012

Colombian national Luis Fernando Otálvaro, alias “El Matemático” [The Mathematician], who is accused of introducing around 60 tons of cocaine into the United States, was arrested at an airport in the city of Medellín, the Colombian police announced.

Fifty-seven-year-old Otálvaro belongs to an organization known as the Junta Directiva del Narcotráfico [Drug Trafficking Executive Board] and is headed by Luis Agustín Caicedo, “Don Lucho,” who is currently jailed in the United States, the police explained.

“El Matemático” is also an associate of Daniel “El Loco” [The Crazy One] Barrera, one of Colombia’s most-wanted drug traffickers, the text added.

The arrest took place in Medellín’s Olaya Herrera Airport, when “El Matemático” was about to take a commercial flight to Cali.

A New York court has requested Otálvaro’s extradition on charges of coordinating the shipment of around 60 tons of cocaine to American territory between 2004 and 2007.

The drug shipments were transported across the Caribbean on speedboats, and the revenues obtained – calculated at 24 million dollars per ton – returned to Colombia hidden in commercial shipping containers, the police said.

Another 14 members of “El Loco” Barrera’s network sought by the United States were already arrested in November.