Colombia and U.S. Seize Ton of Cocaine in the Caribbean

Colombia and U.S. Seize Ton of Cocaine in the Caribbean

By Dialogo
October 24, 2012

Over a ton of cocaine chlorhydrate was seized in the Colombian Caribbean, in a combined operation between the Colombian National Navy and an air unit of the U.S. Navy.

The operation took place on October 22 as part of an agreement of maritime interdiction signed by Colombia and the United States.

The incident occurred when a “go-fast” boat was circulating at high speed near the island of Serrana, and it was detected by an air unit of the U.S. Navy.

The aircraft initiated the maritime interdiction operation and immediately notified the National Navy, which sent a frigate, several prompt-reaction units, and a helicopter, to detain the illegal boat.

When the crew of the illegal boat realized they were being pursued by maritime and air units, they jettisoned the cargo and escaped. The narcotics were recovered by the National Navy personnel, and they were afterwards transported to the island of San Andrés and provided to the authorities.

The Technical Investigation Unit of the Attorney General’s Office performed a Preliminary Homologation First Test on the drug found in the cargo. The results concluded that the cargo contained high-purity hydrochloride cocaine.

The drugs weighed 2,469 pounds and would be valued at over $ 30 million in the international black market.

In October, the Colombian National Navy has drastically beaten the logistics and financial structures of illegal organizations in the Caribbean, after seizing 6,342 pounds of cocaine.