Colombia and Honduras Advance Naval Training Exercises

Colombia and Honduras Advance Naval Training Exercises

By Dialogo
August 11, 2011

With the island of San Andrés, Colombia, as the stage, the Navy of that South American country is receiving the official visit of two patrol vessels belonging to the Honduran Navy. These units, together with the vessels of the San Andrés and Providencia Designated Coast Guard Command, will carry out training exercises and exchange experiences in the fight against drug trafficking, in Colombian Caribbean waters.

Cmdr. José Enrique Nuila Pinet, of the Honduran Task Force and in charge of the naval operation being conducted by the Honduran Navy coastal patrol boats Tegucigalpa and Chamelecón, said upon arrival, “This is an opportunity to maintain in effect the agreements established between the two brother countries in the fight against drug trafficking (…). Our two nations will continue coordinating joint training in order to continue combating drug trafficking by sea.”

With joint naval exercises and training operations of this kind, the Colombian Navy will continue closing areas to narco-terrorist organizations and strengthening bi-national relations between the Honduran and Colombian republics.