Colombia and Ecuador Collaborate to Arrest FARC Terrorists

Colombia and Ecuador Collaborate to Arrest FARC Terrorists

By Dialogo
May 01, 2012

Information supplied by the Colombian National Navy enabled troops from the 55th Jungle Battalion of the Ecuadorean Army to arrest two terrorists belonging to Front 48 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in the area of Lorenzó.

The terrorists, identified as Jhon Erlinton Pianda Dovicamo, known under the alias “Marihuano,” and Justo Galindo Reina, alias “El mexicano” [“The Mexican”], were turned over by the Ecuadorean Army to Colombian National Navy personnel on the border with the department of Putumayo.

Alias “Marihuano,” 38 years old, an explosives expert with the FARC’s Front 48, had been part of this narco-terrorist organization for seven years and was wanted by the authorities on charges of aggravated homicide for purposes of terrorism and rebellion.

For his part, alias “El mexicano” was in charge of transporting explosives for the FARC’s Front 48 and Front 49. He belonged to Front 32 and Front 49 for 15 years and is currently part of Front 48, on commission from alias “Manuel el Político” [“Manuel the Politician”], the fourth-ranking leader of this FARC front.

At the same time, in the “El palmar” [“The palm grove”] general sector on the Ecuadorean bank, ten homemade mortar grenades, an improvised mortar tube, and explosive materials were found, which were apparently going to be used when the Marines who control the area passed by.

The individuals arrested and the material seized were turned over to the competent authorities.

San Lorenzo is in northwest Esmeraldas Province and borders on the Colombian province of Nariño. not Putumayo. You have this even on the wrong side of the Andes! the farc should continue with their revolutionary fight, farc and all their members move forward with the fight, keep going, farc comrades, with Bolivar, with Manuel, with the people in power.